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  1. I started Reed last 2 days and it’s been a horror for me as well in the TE position. I like Kmet the most to be honest. 14 targets last 2 games it’s a pretty good sign.
  2. Jacobs, Akers , Hill and Tannehill help mine please ?
  3. Chubb all day. I agree with Rush even if he doesn’t go for 150+ yards + TD , he can easily go for 50-60 yards and 2 short TDs help here please ?
  4. Thank you! Jonnu started really well but he messed up so bad. I need points from my TE..
  5. Carr , Mont and Browns help here please ?
  6. I really like team B help with mine please ?
  7. PLAYOFF TIME!!! CONGRATS TO EVERYONE. I’m very weak at TE position. Who should I keep for last 2 games ? PPR format Jordan Reed ? Logan Thomas ? Jonnu Smith ? Jared Cook ? Any Rams TE ? Kmet ? Schultz ? Zach Ertz ? Dan Arnold (WR,TE) ? all of them are available.
  8. Moss is the better option imo ! help ?
  9. Gordon. its a safe pick. he has been consistent not great numbers though but very decent. all the other options are risky.. But Dobbins comes close help ?
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