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  1. Yeah consider that you should take the primary guys backup.
  2. I have him in all 3 of my leagues, but I had to part with him for WR help in my keeper league where we start 2 RB's and 3 WR's no flex. Sad day, but I got DK for him straight up if anyone is wondering what kind of value he can get you.
  3. Monday is going to be a make or break game for CEH as far as I'm concerned. Either he goes out there and says "I'm fighting for my job" or he sulks and sucks. Either way I'm probably benching him for JRob.
  4. 3-0 in my re-draft league since Saquon went down for me. 0-1 in the only full game he played.
  5. Week 5 hype train starts this now...Hou got shredded on the ground again!
  6. What a comeback week for Kittle, 33.6 points in .5 ppr. Love having this guy on my team and getting to root for him on SNF.
  7. I need Mahomes, Pats D and Butker to not outscore Aaron Jones by more than 42. With Mahomes' last performance I'm not exactly feeling like I have it in the bag.
  8. buh bye, dropping this guy for somebody that at least gets targets.
  9. You mean other than showing he's a legit threat and making sure Boyd doesn't see double coverage? Higgins emerging is great for Boyd with Green looking washed.
  10. I wouldn't really panic yet. I was expecting a poor showing against one of the best D's in the league. On top of that Indy got up early.
  11. I mean until Monty starts showing me something I'm rolling him out in my flex every week he's healthy. Wish he got that second TD, would've been a nice addition to his stat line.
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