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  1. Vikings running backs too. Cook and Murray were both great last year. Their run game is non-existent
  2. Look, I was just having fun with Omnom. I was just making a joke and trolling a bit online so we can laugh about it around the office. And I honestly mean laugh WITH him. of course he won’t be in any work trouble. This was just for a laugh. He called the guy he made the trade with “very stupid.” He called his co-workers “sheeple.” He called me a “corporate overlord” and a “man baby.” He was feeling pissed off and bold and it sounded funny to announce myself. His trade got vetoed, yes, but I’m just one vote. Everyone had their reasons, I’m sure. whether our
  3. He knew the rules of the league before he joined it. The league gets to vote on a trades. If he doesn’t like the rule, he shouldn’t join the league. To say he should quit for people playing by the rules tells me all I need to know about you.
  4. You could quit and so can Omnom. You sound as whiny as he is.
  5. Why - I didn’t set the rules of the league. The rules tell us we can vote on a trade. Why wouldn’t I vote against a one-sided trade that makes someone else’s team better than mine? I’m playing to win like anyone else and it would be stupid to let Omnom poach talent from the one or two guys who aren’t really sure what they are doing. Our league is really casual. He is the only one trying to trick people into garbage trades and he is the only one whining when he doesn’t get his way in this league. I don’t care that he is trying to get starters in exchange for his bench, but I also don’t fe
  6. Oh, I’m definitely Omnom’s boss and his telling of this story is full of exaggerations and lies. I am not a “corporate overlord” and his co-workers aren’t “sheeple.” We are a small, laid back office with a really casual league. He went to the guy in our league who has played FF once and has only seen two NFL games in the last three years and stacked a trade in his favor. In our league, people are allowed to vote on trades. Not all leagues do this. I don’t love it either, but we are allowed to do it. I didn’t rally any votes, everyone in the office saw what he was doing and people reject
  7. It would be terrible if your boss was on this discussion thread, wouldn’t it Andrew? signed, Mr. E PS - see me in my office PPS - gotteeem!
  8. You are in a really difficult situation. You should probably just confront him tomorrow and tell him you know what he is doing.
  9. Who would have ever thought Fitz would even be starting week 4, let alone that you would be afraid to face him. You never can tell how a season is going to go.
  10. Maybe he really is insecure. Either by your football knowledge or maybe he is threatened by you as an employee - like afraid you might pass him up in the company...?? Why don’t you and the sheeple around the office just kick him out of the league?
  11. People like this usually don’t have any friends around the office. I had a boss like this once and I hated it. All my friends at work used to talk sh** about him all the time.
  12. That totally sucks. Your boss sounds like a loser.
  13. Yes - This is a trade you should make. This is a trade you HAVE to make. You are deep at RB and an elite WR rounds out your team. Rookie RBs typically drop-off as the long season wears them down and teams adjust to how they are being used. OBJ has already shown that he can produce monster games all season long and even when the defense locks in on him. If Kareem Hunt has even an average game next week, there is no way the other guy would agree to this trade. You should strike fast while everyone is over-reacting based on 1 game. If you look at it like this, you are trading a waiver clai
  14. If I read things correctly, it sounded like they Vetod your trade because you colluded. This sounds like a straight-up trade and that both sides are getting what they need. You should want trades like this that are even and benefit both parties.
  15. My draft hasn't happened yet but I'm hoping to make him RB2 on my team - it's hard to know what round I need to take him in to make sure I don't miss out.
  16. I think you gave up too much for Bell. Jordy was the depth you needed at WR.
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