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  1. 1. Boogie gets traded to Lakers during the season 2. Lonzo gets injured due to his s--- shoes, then signs with adidas at the end of the season. 3. Kawhi plays 55 games. 4. Spurs get fined for resting players under the new rule- Pop gives the same number of f***s as he did before. 5. ROTY- Ben Simmons 6. Washington get 2nd seed in front of Cavs, but then proceed to get swept in ECF semis as Lebron and IT make Reggie choke faces. 7. Philly make the playoffs, Embiid breaks the internet 8. 3 coaches get fired this season- looking at Hornacek, Stan van Gundy, Alv
  2. Dame set up for a monster year. Portland losing Allen Crabbe means they don't have any reliable 3pt shooters other than Dame and CJ. The rest- Aminu, Harkless, Leonard, Swanigan, Shabazz... don't inspire much confidence. And yep, Dame's numbers actually improve with Nurkic in.
  3. In a punt FT team I have both Overall I like Chriss more, but will be slow to start the year. He has foul trouble, and Alex Len has played well in preseason. But Chriss could be a 1/1/1 guy. FG, Steals, TO - Thad > Chriss Points, Boards - similar, but neither are really strong in these cats anyway 3s, FT, Blocks,- Chriss > Thad In a roto setting I'd probably still go Chriss cos of the 1/1/1 factor
  4. It's not a good idea to pair someone like Harden with Drummond/DJ. If you have a guy that is super dominant in a cat (in this case Harden's FT) why drag it back to the field with Drummond? Get those boards/blocks without so much FT drag- something like KLove/Blake + then Capela later on. Drummond is going late this year- around 4th/5th round. in this example I'd much rather have Harden + Capela, maybe even Harden + Nurkic than Harden + Drummond. Capela's FT not abysmal for a C, and his FT volume is lower so defo hurts you less.
  5. Just keep an eye on if he can hit 3s, apparently that's a big focus for him from the coaches. If he can do that, then he'll get playing time. His defense is pretty crappy. I'm ignoring him.
  6. You're forgetting Mario Hezonja. They're gonna want him to play minutes to start the season, even if it's only to make him trade bait. Arron Afflalo is also gonna soak up some SG minutes, as annoying as that is from a fantasy standpoint. I'll be all over him if/when Ross gets injured.
  7. So glad I have him on redraft team. Had to bid $14 (yahoo $200 budget) which is not a bargain this year, but hoping he can be top 6-8 center (AD, KAT, Boogie, Jokic, Gobert, Whiteside, ??) which will then be a bargain next year.
  8. I'm loving Capela at his ADP. I put him in front of Nerlens, JV, Dieng, not quite in front of Drummond, who I believe will have a bounce back. CP3 AND Harden gonna lob for days. Nene is a year older, which makes him about 588 years old. Tarik Black ain't gonna play much. Capela's minutes should increase to 26 at least. I can't imagine Nene + Tarik Black average more than 20mpg, which leaves 2-3 min for random switchy lineups, but most nights should be Capela's. Only downsides I can envisage is if they really play 5 out (Ryno at C) which would be rare to say the least, o
  9. The minutes is the problem. Maybe to start the season he gets minutes, but it's clear they're going to funnel minutes to Lauri and Felicio, and maybe even Bobby P. Also worried he's a trade candidate.
  10. They invested too much in Fournier and Ross. I like Simmons's game, but hard to see him get minutes without injuries to those two. It's not like there are veterans in front of him who will sit once Orlando fulfil their tank.
  11. I'm doing basic 9 cat 12team H2H. At the turn I thought the punt FT strat was good, looking at my drafting spots. I had no hesitation grabbing him at turn, with CP3. If I wasn't punting FT I would probably stay clear of him. I see what people mean for Roto, he has 3 dominant cats and that's basically it. I've never played Roto though (in 5 years), always H2H.
  12. It's alright, but for punt FG team, you need stronger AST, BLK. I'd probably try to trade someone like Oladipo cos he has name value and hype, try and get someone like Payton + extras, Teague would fit. Covington would be nice fit but doesn't help your assists.
  13. Of those you mentioned, I'd go Jamal Murray. He has the biggest upside, plus Mudiay might end up being traded. I'd consider maybe Brogdon (though I think you're losing that trade), especially in 8 cat. Any chance you could get Aaron Gordon, Harry B, Tobias.. hard to know without seeing rest of your team but seems like players around that range.
  14. Aldridge seems like a sell-high guy to me. If Kawhi starts missing time to start the season, then I'd be trying to sell Aldridge while he posts big numbers. Teague is fine but but I'd go for someone like Rubio as a PG, if you could get him. Your 3s are not that high, but Rubio would push your AST way up, and you can handle his FG% anyway
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