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  1. Le'Veon Bell is available in my 12 team .5 PPR league. I have $40 out of $100 left. Is he worth blowing my remaining budget for? I'm actually ok at RB, with Cook/Mattison, Hunt, and Carson but could use something to trade for WR or TE. TIA!
  2. I'm wondering the exact same thing, there's literally nothing
  3. Baltimore D to score 12. Is there a snowflakes chance in hell??
  4. Top options on waivers are Peyton Barber or Jay Ajayi. Because of byes and Breida being out I need to grab one. Helpppppo! TIA!! WHIR!!
  5. Thoughts? My team- Qb- Dak, Brees Rb- CMC, D Henry, Ingram, Eckler, J Howard Wr- Juju, Sterling Shephard (sounds like he may be out for a few), DJ Moore, Fuller, and Johnson (Steelers) te- just Engram but it’s a 10 team league with a lot of decent guys on the WW. I have pretty decent WR depth but wondering if ARob has found his groove? I’m just hesitant with anyone on the Bears offense. Thoughts?? TE’s on waivers include Herndon, everett, Jack Doyle, J Cook, Fant, Knox thanks so much! WHIR!
  6. I’d go Dak for sure. He’s been awesome up until this last week and they all have duds occasionally! ETA you could stick it out with Rivers, like you said he has a safe floor and MG back, they may ease him in slowly though.
  7. Qb- Dak, Brees on bench Rb- Aaron Jones, C Carson, Eckler 🥴, Breida and Penny wr- Hopkins, Lockett, Christian Kirk, Scary Terry, Westbrook, Golden Tate te- kittle we start qb, Rb, Rb, wr, wr, te, flex (wr or te) and another flex (wr or rb)
  8. If so, how much of my remaining $75 FAAB is he worth? TIA! 12 team .5ppr league
  9. ... who are you guys taking? I have the 4th pick in a 12-team 1pt PPR league. Help!! Thanks! ETA- drafting Sunday so not likely we’ll know Zeke’s status.
  10. Anyone rolling Carolina out vs Philly or should I find another option on my very scarce 14 team wire? Thanks!!
  11. If Zeke's suspension gets overturned, are you guys holding McFadden as a cuff? We play with an extremely shallow bench and just curious.
  12. I had my 14 dream draft last night- I'm a pregnant chick and was totally sober for the first draft of my FF career (not that any of you care haha) but I completely butchered it. Pierre is the highlight of my team ? And I'm excited to see what he does this season!! So glad I managed to get him.
  13. I'd also pass. I have a feeling Lynch will do good things this season, he is the solid number 1 and with Mixon there's just too many question marks.
  14. Yesssss Forte to the Eagles would be amazing!
  15. I love this guy! I drafted Hooper as my TE in a 14 team league but really thinking about swapping them out. We have extremely shallow benches so no room for both. I just have a feeling.
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