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  1. MG sucks, you'll have to get over his name to see it.
  2. Sanders was traded for much less and he's a much better receiver than Sanu. One bad trade doesn't change the landscape for WR.
  3. Nah, bro, its you that should be appreciated.
  4. Fat (check) Injured (check) hasn't played in a year (check) Product of the KC offense that made Damien look good (check) Hunt won't do a damn thing.
  5. He held out to get paid more than 10mill/yr. do you really think he's gonna give 100% effort? The guy just wants easy yards, he lost all his fight. people blaming the line are actually making the argument that MG is not a very good running back. What back can't run behind a very good OL. Gordon is cooked.
  6. A run game increases the quality of his targets. You can decide to throw his TDs out the window and pretend they're not happening, but he still went 4/100.
  7. The 1st game with a new coach and Terry ate, the 2nd game was in about as bad of a rain storm you could get. That 9'ers game should be ignored due to extreme conditions. QB is a problem because if the coach decides to go another direction we don't know how that will impact F1's target share, and if those will be quality targets. That's like having a piano hanging over his fantasy values head.
  8. Chargers fans are pi$$ed the team has given three games away because the coaches were trying to get Gordon up to speed. They should just cut him.
  9. It seems like nothing is ever Gordon's fault...
  10. Gordon looked awesome today, bro! Great calls!
  11. Wow, what a pile of useless trash, lol. 16/32/0 with a fumble 2/-3/1 Chargers wasting their season trying to get this loser back into game shape. Trade him and let him rot, worst RB in the NFL.
  12. It's the same every year with Reid, but usually something so bad it can't be ignored happens and he wakes up. I'd say going 1-2 over the last 3 games and losing your already injured league MVP QB because of a ridiculously stupid play call will rattle his cage. I can almost guarantee that sports media will start asking "is Reid the right guy for the job? Can he get it done? Etc...". The fire was turned up on Andy last night, the win won't keep him safe from constant criticism.
  13. Gordon looked like straight up trash, and the only reason he was forced opportunities was because of his name. The Chargers are going to pi$$ their season away wasting time trying to get Gordon "up to game speed."
  14. And all is quiet after Shady out snapped Damien 50% to 38%. damien rushes 1 for 6 yards, 2 catches for 14 yards and a TD McCoy rushed 8 for 44 and was targeted twice, one target was a few inches from being a TD. McCoy will end up being the preferred back in this offense.
  15. Any team that gets him involved in the passing game is going to be rewarded. Arians is going to look like a complete fool if this trade happens.
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