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  1. It's not Earl Watson. It's upper management. They want to sell tickets and get sponsorships because money is and always will be the bottom line. What better way to squeeze what little revenue they can from their s--- a** team than to provide potential highlight reel material by starting and giving more minutes to their newly acquired, high flying Josh Jackson. Management already knows what they have in Chriss who is no human highlight reel but a mere per minute fouling monster of an imbecile.
  2. Aussie Dictionary for Marquese Chriss A shyt bloke who's not good. by J.Lloyd
  3. you think he will be back the week after? I'm in a similar situation where my opp next week has batum and cp3. I'm already stashing lavine w/o IR as well.
  4. what if he does get 20+ but drops goose eggs across the board and fouls out?
  5. he will have another bad game tonight thanks to the stifle tower and his ownership will drop 50%. Then he'll have a great game against OKC and everyone will be blowing their FAAB or high WP on him. So I'm holding for at least another week or two
  6. I watched the nuggets game last night on mute with the NICE GARY audio on repeat and will continue to do so for the rest of the season. Including posting this video here for the duration of time.
  7. im holdin on. way too early to cut him unless theres a jaylen brown on your wire
  8. doesnt hurt to throw a few bucks on him in case he is bluffing
  9. not quite. bucks center rotation is utter trash. but all 3 players offer somthing different. Maker - 3's. Monroe - pts, boards, percentages. Henson - blocks
  10. you need to be patient with Johnny Collins. Tatum will produce NOW. I say pull the trigger. You can probably pick collins up later in the season when they decide to unleash him like what Phoenix did last year with Chriss
  11. Ish - Reggie Rozier - Kyrie/Smart Ullis - Bledsoe Mudiay - Murray Frank - Marvin Zeller - Howard Cojo - Collison Tyus Teague Banes - Horford Tyler - Goran
  12. DSJ all day and Conley for sure. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/677540-double-down-on-jaylen-tonight-or-play-buddy-hield-instead-whir/
  13. hes ballin right now so depending on how competitive your league is be prepared to make it rain
  14. used him as a streamer for tonight but he looks like a keeper now?
  15. Bobby Portis had this to say after the altercation with teammate Nikola Mirotic....
  16. he will drop 70 w/11 treys tomorrow night. hes locked up in my cash and gpps. lets go!
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