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  1. I will go down with this shipAnd I won't put my hands up and surrenderThere will be no white flag above my doorI'm in love and always will be (w/Montrezel )
  2. this guy needs to get fat again and get some better basketball shoes
  3. isaac was on your ww? that speaks volumes about your league..
  4. hes looking real good. he hit a dam 3. if this game was in philly there would be funfetti raining down from the rafters and free cheese steaks for everyone
  5. Don't think hes hurt at all. By law we are allowed 12 weeks off to care for the birth of our newborn child under the Family Medical Leave Act. The injury may just be a false flag to allow him and his wife to be with Dunny Jr.
  6. It looks like the Monstars have returned his talents in exchange for his confidence. This is obviously not the same person that reeked havok in the Pac12. Im holding in hopes they return it soon. Consdering the sixers play in the East with many more potential blowouts to come, there should be many garbage time opportunities for him to rack up stats until his confidence returns from Moron Mountain
  7. I wonder whats the highest he’s gone in auctions? Was able to grab him for $14 in my dyno before the preseason and will only cost me $24 to keep him next season. Choo Choo!
  8. got him last night at pick 3.33 and $20 flat in an auction.
  9. him and doncic went in the 3rd round last night and for the second draft in a row this weekend. this is why i hate drafting after preseason.
  10. projecting he'll average 20 claps 10 high fives while handing out 5 water bottles per game on strong cheerleading vocal efficiency across the board.
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