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  1. I would've taken Kat there but I can't blame you for going with Steph. But i do see what happened there. lol Should be a smooth season for you in this one. Cheers!
  2. With the exception of Jabari and Lavine I think you did absolutely fantastic. I'd love to see the draft manifest to see how in the world Curry slipped to you at 7.
  3. In my experience its impossible to mock an auction especially when 99.9% of the time the mock is full of bots or snoozers like @Kaboom auto spending $15 on Jabari Parker with the first nomination lol.
  4. What do you value more? And how will you approach your auction draft league this season?
  5. That's tough. If it was standard 9 cat I'd go Jokic no question. But considering DDs i like either gobert or cousins there. More on the side of cousins since TOs are a non factor
  6. keep Lord Cov and Lin. Jabari you can grab in the latter
  7. Dont get me wrong Kawhi is a complete savage. But what puts me off with anyone under coach Pop is the DNP-CD rests throughout the season and especially during fantasy playoffs.
  8. Honestly if Kawhi slipped to me at 11 or even 12 I still wouldn't touch him. I've been burned one too many times with Spurs players.
  9. thank you, sir! Glad to be here. Been using rotoworld for the past several years and never knew there was a forum till somebody in a mock told me today. Ha
  10. 1. KD 2. Giannis 3. Kat 4. Westbrook 5. Harden 6. Curry 7. Jokic 8. AD 9. Lebron 10. Wall 11. Kawhi 12. Gobert 13. Kyrie 14. Dame 15. Boogie 16. Butler 17. CP3 18. Whiteside 19. Green 20. PG13
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