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  1. Ben Simmons = Rajon Rondo Donovan Mitchell = Michael Jordan
  2. He’ll be a top 5 center behind AD Kat Joker and Embiid by the end of the season. And we will be talking about how high to take him in the first round next year.
  3. lets call it wishful thinking as I do own a few shares of him this year
  4. it will because its possible. its possible because it will.
  5. key word, BOLD. give us that A1 son! I think Jazz in 7 is very possible considering the Don is the next coming of Jordan. Greyson Allen the second coming of Kukoc. Gobert the next rodman. Favors the next Will Perdue.
  6. he could finally have a breakout year without casey honey dicking him around. his production should rival that of towns if his 3 point arsenal finally gets the green light. 24 ppg 15 reb 2 threes and 3 stocks on superb efficiency. thats good for top 5 value. taking him where he stands in the late middle rounds is an insane bargin even if his floor is 10 & 10 and a triple 1 with the same efficiency.
  7. blah blah blah, jazz jazz jazz. then you end your jazz plug on a shyt note. you are the worst jazz fan of all time. jazz in 7. just fkin say it!
  8. building houses as tall as skyscrapers in one of my leagues with a core of exquisite architects in dipo mitchell love dsj fox and fultz
  9. saying Tyreke will hurt Dipo is like saying Pippen hurt Jordan
  10. slow your roll buddy. 1.5 blocks is a stetch. If anything it will be closer to 1.0 bpg. Besides that I’m on board with those productions
  11. He doubled his steals rate from the year prior. I think he can double up again. Im projecting 25 ppg 5 reb 5 ast 5 stl Choo choo!
  12. ahhhhhhh YES! Welcome back to another year of the NOIIIICE GARY thread, mates!
  13. Yep! Supposedly Jimmy banged Kats ex. Can’t blame him though who wouldn’t? https://www.instagram.com/kawa_xo
  14. Taking him in the second round is an absolute bargin. Mitchell was slept on last year and he continues to be slept on again. He's drawn a ton of comparisons to D.Wade as a player. But fantasy wise he's much closer to Jordan. He will be returning top #1 value this season in Roto and H2H. Hopefully he wins ROTY this time as he was a completely robbed by Simmons last season.
  15. top 40 floor with top 10 upside if he can increase his effeciency and steals. he could have an oladipo-like season but with more points and threes. maybe not this year but by his 3rd/4th year he will be a top 5 pick. easy second round pick this year in keeper/dyno. Solid 3rd round in redrafts.
  16. PG13 seems like the best pairing. Jimmy is a close second and will probably be cheaper too. Middleton as well
  17. https://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba/674/mock_waiting?mlid=2074035&lobby=auction# a few of us will be doing this mock in 20 mins. feel free to join
  18. we should do a mock to truly answer that question... that's why I'm off snakes this year. or maybe roll the dice on just one lol
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