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  1. After an early season debacle he got his s--- together and broke out for top 35-40 value in the last trimester while chiming in at #57 to end the season. Will Barton will move into the starting lineup this year which may not translate very well for The Blue Arrow. And with Paul Milsap healthy will he still be a 4th round pick as some "experts" suggest?
  2. Bulls matched the 4 year offer sheet so he'll be back in the same situation. His minutes and usage should be north of 30 so where are we taking this guy especially for a punt FG% build? I'm guessing he'll average close to 20, 2 treys, 4 ast, 1 stl on 40% FG and decent volume FTs. With points being scarce in the latter rounds he shouldn't slip past 7?
  3. this could be there year delivers first round value w/o punting. His ft's are improving like Gobert. Plus he's adding a 3 point shot???
  4. unless we’re in a 14 team H2H with 13 Josh Loyd clones, popcorn stats will continue to rule for the duration of the universe
  5. that's a good thing. can i join? lol just because the buy-in is $100 or $1,000,000 doesn't necessarily make it a "competitive" league
  6. indubitably. warriors have one 2 many snakes. #donotdraftsnakes
  7. thats a tough one. i would write one of their names (Gazz Harris, Josh Rich and Jarrett) on each side of a triangle, spin a bottle and whatever it lands on i'd keep.
  8. ive got a feeling joshy richardson will be slept on again
  9. Option to keep up to 3 players or none at all . Standard $200 budget w/14 roster spots. H2H 12 Team 9 cat. KAT $79 Gobert $40 Oladipo $28 Tobias $19 Jamal Murray $12 LaVine $11 Dipo’s a lock. The rest not sure...
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