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  1. Rudy Gobert (knee) was re-evaluated on Saturday and it was determined that he'll need to spend another 7-10 days on the sidelines. Gobert has recently begun going through light practices with non-contact work, so he is making progress. That said, until he's going through 5-on-5, full-contact work, we can assume he's not close. Derrick Favors will continue to hold down the five-spot in his absence, with Thabo Sefolosha and Jonas Jerebko moving in and out of the starting five based on the matchup. Related: Jonas Jerebko, Derrick Favors, Thabo Sefolosha Source: Salt Lake Tribune Jan 13 - 2:48 PM
  2. how does a second degree black belt not able to land n a punch?
  3. Like marriage, divorce rates are always pretty high for dynos. But when your'e playing with your close mates it seems to keep the competitiveness to a higher degree relative to a dyno with random managers. The same can be said for any type of league however as there will always be those handful of blokes that forget to set lineups or just completely inactive altogether. The surge of Daily Fantasy Sports is revealing of the attention deficit disorder that our busy society is suffering from.
  4. just blew my WW priority on him. i dont expect much but I'm just dying at the center position atm
  5. dynos are like setting down with a wife and children. Redrafts are like one night stands without long term commitments. I prefer the whoring ability of redrafts
  6. at this rate is he worth keeping for $13 in auction dynos?
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