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  1. that person did you a favor lol. i wouldve dropped len before dsj. im still holding in hopes of a breakout or until the right trade or pickup comes along (i.e milsap's return in feb) so just try to be patient like the rest of us 100k+ shareholders.
  2. someone here traded his wall for drummond. top 30 at the very least is what it will take to pry wall
  3. id take dray. neither have been consistent but your ast and percentages stay about the same. you lose a couple points but you gain boards and the money peripherals http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/690322-dsj-jaylen-for-dunn-jingles/
  4. LaVine's 2017-18 End of Season Results 35 Games Played 28.1 MPG 24.7 PPG 3.3 3PG 3.5 RPG 3.1 APG 1.5 SPG 0.5 BPG .495 FG% .401 3P% .891 FT%
  5. 1. KAT 2. DSJ 3. The Blue Arrow 4. Ravishing Rick Rubio 5. Josh Richardson 6. Marquese Chriss 7. Avery Bradley 8. Surgical Ibaka 9. Hassan Whiteside 10. WCS
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