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  1. I’ll try the CJ Ertz Fitz and Allen. That still feels like a lot but it does let me keep my 3 best players for a probable top 3 RB
  2. That’s tough with 2 guys playing Thursday. I’d stick with Gordon and Baldwin honestly but wouldn’t blame you for getting Cohen in there in a game they will be playing catch up in
  3. For sure I’m not really into playing both receivers on the same team. Even though this week it probably works out vs Oakland lol mix it up with someone else on his roster and only take DT http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/671667-please-help-trading-for-lev-bell-whir/
  4. Ugh non ppr need to look for td potential. Gore vs Seattle sounds terrible though so I go Coleman http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/671667-please-help-trading-for-lev-bell-whir/
  5. LAC corners are nasty, avoid alshon. I go with Watson too. Running potential will add some easy points and Big Ben doesn’t travel well
  6. Get Julio, keep Julio. You’re buying Fitz at max value and a time share RB for a stud? Don’t do it http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/671667-please-help-trading-for-lev-bell-whir/
  7. For sure try Murray straight up maybe even include Watkins if you can get a solid 2nd piece back. Id sell high on him if possible
  8. I’m going with Cohen with the bears playing catch-up all day long
  9. 12 team ppr I’ve been trying to trade for him all year and each week the owner comes down a little but he will catch fire soon and be close to ungetable QB: streaming RB: Cook, Crowell, CJ, Gore, Buck Allen WR: Green, Evans, Fitz, Decker TE: Ertz couple of handcuffs otherwise I’ve gotten him to come off of Evans/Green. He still wants Cook/CJ/Fitz at least for Bell and fillers who I may not even keep. I think Cook will be. Too 10 back this year so I’m giving up 2 starts me assets with that to get a probable top 3 back. Shoulf I counter with so
  10. Would like to see Mixon have another big touch week before rolling with him. I’d go for Cohen as I imagine the bears will be playing catch up. Landry should have a solid floor as well though.
  11. I’ll be devils advicate, I have Gurley on one team and I am actively trying to trade him. The Dallas matchup upcoming is semi favorable but after that he has a stretch of 6 games in a row against top 10 defenses. Jay does come with a health risk but Coop will get going at some point. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/671359-frank-gore-for-james-white-whir/
  12. That’s a tough one, you’d have to do some research on the remain schedules for both teams and see how often you’d realistically start Dak over Brees given the matchups. If you’d get 3+ starts out of him I would claim him http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/671359-frank-gore-for-james-white-whir/
  13. Omg do it!! Steam all day, I’m currently aggressively shopping Ertz in my big league http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/671359-frank-gore-for-james-white-whir/
  14. I have Gore and tremendous RB depth with Cook, CJ, Crowell, Gore and Buck Allen. I only would consider playing White if Amendola goes down again. Is it worth a high end stash since I won’t be playing Gore all year either? also I have another trade in the works trying to get Lev Bell, Id lose all the depth though in which case I might rather keep Gore? please help lol
  15. It feels like a lot, but it’s less than what he was asking for 2 weeks ago lol
  16. Tough one, Carsen is out imo if there’s any word in demarco being limited its Henry. If demarco is a full go it’s JJ
  17. I reciece: Bell Marvin Jones Jr I give up: CJ Anderson Cook AJ Green my other RBs: Crowell, Gore, Buck Allen my other WR: Mike Evans, Fitz, Decker, John Brown is that too much to give up? Counter options?
  18. Forgot to put WHIR and can’t seem to find a way to edit title on the mobile side
  19. I’m a big believer in streaming QBs but one league I’m in hoards qbs. A couple of teams have 3, its ridiculous. Anyway my options for this week are: Alex Smith Dashaun Kiser Jay Cutler (who I’m kind of leaning towards vs the jets) Andy Dalton (maybe) still on waiver wire Brissett Eli I’m in a bad spot, I also may have the option of trading buck Allen for Big Ben. I don’t really want to roll with Big Ben every single week though
  20. Tate got banged up right? If Tate is going to miss any time I'm keeping golladay
  21. Bottles is going to get massacred by that Texans front. I'm not taking Robinson
  22. I do that too. I'm not as high on Cooks as some people, but then again talent wise he is as good a wr as Brady has had in a while. I just think his red zone targets will be minimal
  23. I don't like it, only good if gronk gets hurt. Gronk is 5-6pts better per game than the next best te. I take that advantage with your receiver core. I put Hill at 90+catches this year and Parker will explode onto the scene too. I'd rather stream TEs then go with Rudolph
  24. If zeke ends up missing those 6 games you're rbs aren't looking that bad. Mixon will be the man at some point there. If you don't need amendola though you can give yourself an extra option in Thompson. All the leagues I have Danny though, I need to see some game action before I cut him
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