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  1. 12 team ppr I’ve been trying to trade for him all year and each week the owner comes down a little but he will catch fire soon and be close to ungetable 


    QB: streaming

    RB: Cook, Crowell, CJ, Gore, Buck Allen

    WR: Green, Evans, Fitz, Decker

    TE: Ertz


    couple of handcuffs otherwise


    I’ve gotten him to come off of Evans/Green. He still wants Cook/CJ/Fitz at least for Bell and fillers who I may not even keep. I think Cook will be. Too 10 back this year so I’m giving up 2 starts me assets with that to get a probable top 3 back. Shoulf I counter with something different? Ertz? And stream TEs after?


    ps. I am 3-0


  2. I have Gore and tremendous RB depth with Cook, CJ, Crowell, Gore and Buck Allen. I only would consider playing White if Amendola goes down again. Is it worth a high end stash since I won’t be playing Gore all year either?


    also I have another trade in the works trying to get Lev Bell, Id lose all the depth though in which case I might rather keep Gore?


    please help lol

  3. I’m a big believer in streaming QBs but one league I’m in hoards qbs. A couple of teams have 3, its ridiculous. Anyway my options for this week are:


    Alex Smith

    Dashaun Kiser

    Jay Cutler (who I’m kind of leaning towards vs the jets)

    Andy Dalton (maybe) still on waiver wire 




    I’m in a bad spot, I also may have the option of trading buck Allen for Big Ben. I don’t really want to roll with Big Ben every single week though 

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