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  1. Do it. AB >shady in ppr anyway. Hunt is a great replacement too
  2. That's tough. I like andersons potential targets count. Amendola is such a wild card. I wouldn't be surprised if he had 2 catches tonight or 8. No clue about the pats guys
  3. I wouldn't do it. Brees struggles on the road. Not knowing how many teams in your league or who your other qbs are, I say decline that all day
  4. Parker has the potential high cealing if cutler loves him as much as has been reported. I say go for it
  5. It's at Min right? Ugh that's a tough one id still lean towards Brees as Min is tough against the run and should be able to put up points vs that NO defense. Pitt may be up by 28 at halftime
  6. I like your thinking, don't be afraid to bench a guy vs a bad matchup. I love Crabtree this year but I'll be sitting him those 2 games vs Denver. I like Marshall a lot if Beckham is ruled out.
  7. Robbie Anderson should get plenty of targets with the jets playing behind all year
  8. I think dez is a safer choice and when I see how loaded your team is i would opt for dez. Martavis is more likely to go 4 rec for 140 and 2 td but also more likely to have 1 catch for 18 yards. More boom or bust where I feel more comfortable with dez target count. Depends on what you feel you'll more likely need to win.
  9. Subject says it all, because of a random week 1 bye week lol and zeke playing week 1 (I have dmac) I'm all of a sudden in a decision spot. So so hard to predict the pats but golladay is a rookie 3wr on his own team with a Q tag. He still is projected for more points than the other 2 guys. Please help lol
  10. Let's do 10 guys, winner take all, ppr. We will draft asap if we can get enough interest right now. We'll create the league once we get gauge interest
  11. ^^^what he said, I'd rather postpone another half hour if necessary
  12. I can't now that owners have paid. I figured since it's a winner take all the vote wouldn't matter
  13. Depends on who you want to target, bell and dj typically cost too much. Shady or freeman may be possible if you want to part with green or obj. Your backs are good for ppr, especially if forte misses time
  14. Trying to get one last money league going. Doing something a little different: since it's a low buy in and only 10 teams I am making it a winner take all and only 2 teams make the playoffs. Those 2 teams will have a 2 week championship round (weeks 15-16) all espn default scoring. The only other changes I've made are 1 extra flex spot and only 5 bench spots. So a 10 team league with only 15 rounds should only take 45 minutes or so. Leave or pm email address to join and pay the league fee asap https://leaguesafe.com/join/3850264
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