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  1. Leaguesafe link takes me no where, maybe 12 paid before I joined? Anyway boot team marcus because I can't find the link to leave
  2. The only red flag is yiu having 2 rookie rbs. Personally that scares me, they both may have big years, but still worrisome. I like the above trade idea if you could then swing a second deal
  3. Please don't, that an easy no. Play the waiver game and look for matchups. How many teams in your league? Who else is available?
  4. Pretty much any league drafting on Saturday or Sunday before I have to go to work. Only preference be that it's on espn since all of my leagues are there this year. Let me know peeps!
  5. I was in a league like this years ago, it's hard to keep up and keep all owners interested year around. The one thing I loved about the league was it allowed trades between sports and for draft picks. There was a buy in for that league though and there was a big monetary bonus for the team with the best average yearly finish. Otherwise people will just punt 2 or 3 other sports to be dominate in 1
  6. I don't mind punting, the guy I've targeted this year late is ertz. It would take another player I love to be available for me not to take him in round 9. If he goes earlier I'll wait for Doyle as well
  7. Smells fishy to me, he still will only have 1 qb for week 1. Veto
  8. Hard pass. Gilly and Ingram are just throw ins. It's basically crab/murray/Hyde for Julio. Those numbers just don't add up and you won't be able to streamline rbs like you can other positions. Your wr core is already really strong, I love Parker this year
  9. New offense with a lot of weapons and a new system too. You know what coop is going to do. Also last year he was slowed by injuries towards the end of the year. If I had to put my money on one of them being a top 5 wr I'd bet on coop
  10. I'm leaning towards Hunt. Such a good situation for him to be the work horse. I love mccaffrey too but I feel like j stew will still get his fair share of carries plus the goal line work. Also cam gets a lot of goal line carries too. Non ppr I'd lean towards Hunt.
  11. You got hunt at 86? In a recent draft? You're TE situation is not amazing but you can stream te's pretty effectively. If ebron doesn't look to be having a breakout year then play matchups and don't be afraid of hitting the waiver wire
  12. Not thrilled with either one really. If you can hang in there until zeke gets back. But for now you'll have britt and Henry as your 2 flexes? Not too good in a 10 team league I would imagine
  13. I'm willing to put anyone on the block if the value is right. Like others have said that his value won't be amazing. If you are worried about him with luck out, so is everyone else. Throw some offers out that you like and see what you get back.
  14. Go for Charles, he may be good enough for a spot play regardless of CJ health at some point
  15. Go for Charles, he may be good enough for a spot play regardless of CJ health at some point
  16. Thanks for the help guys, it felt like too much. I'm usually a believer and pulling the trigger when I get the best player, but this was a lot
  17. I usually will always take a deal where I get the best player, but this might be too much. 12 team PPR I receive: L. Bell Tyreke Hill jaquizz Mike Wallace i give up: AJ green Mike Evans I. Crowell F. Gore other rbs: cook, CJ, other wr: Fitz and john brown, decker and doctson
  18. Thomas/Sanders just seems way better to me, like maybe I'm missing something lol idc really about bye weeks
  19. I like Gurley this year too, just with the roster construction here I like Coop. M. Bryant status still not totally clear either right?
  20. I'm interested if I can make draft time. But 15 bench spots seems excessive for a 12 man league, no? Maybe consider lowering the keepers too
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