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  1. Updated time table for return is 6-8 weeks... Drafted him at 120 the other day! He should put up top 70-80 value so that's a huge win IMO
  2. My guess FWIW: He'll be back after Christmas No real reason for that other than all thezing1 said
  3. After reading that last bit it seems we're more alike than you thought cause that's my rant every year! Care to run your eyes over my Roto team? 11 team, standard cats, no IR spots Kyrie, Bradley, Brogdon AG, Jokic, Jingles Millsap, Love Planning on rotating WCS, Taj, Crabbe & TJ through the utility slots until it shakes out Batum - 11th round - think he was worth it at that point
  4. In a 12 team league taking Johnson in the 6th puts him in the 61-74 range. I think that's fair given his contributions across multiple categories
  5. Grabbed him 54th overall 11 team 9 cat Roto and drafted 10th so: Had Jokic (10), Kyrie (13), Love (32), Millsap (35) By the 54th pick all the quality Cs & PGs were gone, Gary Harris was gone, Dipo went 53rd... So at that point I'm not reaching for PGs & Cs and instead looking for upside. We all know you can grab plenty of guards later for certain roles so AG was the guy: Allows me position flexibility at F Allows me to play 2 of Love, Millsap, Jokic at C so I don't reach for Cs well as the lesser PGs If you can get AG in the 6th well played but I wouldn't bet on it given his pre-season form. If he ends up with C eligibility then that's just a bonus
  6. Before I start: I have not helped anyone on this board but have engaged in numerous discussions on the general fantasy basketball forum and hopefully added something worthwhile. I also pimp the forum in every Mock I complete (BetterCallHinkie joined due to that) so I'm hoping for some feedback here. Roto redraft league, usual 9 cats, no IR spot... As the league commish i renewed the league (11 teamer) & as expected once again got saddled with the 10th pick! My Drafted team: Kyrie AB Brogdon Jingles AGordon Jokic Love Millsap WCS Crabbe Batum (stash in the 11th round) TJ Warren Taj My opinion on that squad: looks like a middling team, even in roto So the questions are: 1 - what do you guys think of that squad? 2 - how would you go about improving it? Obviously that's limited to the wire & trades which require someone to agree so... Any help you can give is greatly appreciated
  7. Harris still went in the early 50s in my Draft tonight...and I didn't get him!
  8. Kid just has it. Jazz would be foolish to play the likes of Burks, Neto & Thabo over him Hood isn't known as the most durable guy either...the potential is there for Mitchell to surprise people this season
  9. I've had Batum the last 3 years in most leagues....really value his multi-cat contribution BUT he wasn't even on my radar this season. Maybe I've still annoyed by his FG% to start last season or maybe it's my focus on PGs & Bigs early but I haven't drafted Nic in any of the 100+ Mocks I've done. Assuming he falls to the late mids in my draft I could happily take him but if he goes in the first 5 I'll move on as planned
  10. I've seen him drafted top 50 a lot and while the potential is there i can't go for it Nets play with pace and use their depth a lot... They've got Lin, DLo, Kilpatrick, Dinwiddie, Whitehead, Crabbe that all have legitimate claims to minutes at the 1 or 2 Yes DLo will get his but unless you're punting FG% I think there are better options around where he's being drafted
  11. While people are drafting Ball, Smith & Fox I'll swoop on Collison He's efficient and if memory swrves his best season came in Indiana. They have CoJo to back him up and he's likely to get some run in 2 PG line ups Nate McMillan is also likely to play Collison for "leadership" - I think him and Thad Young are being underdrafted Possible 8th round pick (90s) for me if my Draft goes according to plan
  12. I'm hoping to get Johnson in the 6th or 7th round. First 4 picks = PGs & Cs 5th round = Gary Harris 6th round = Johnson I think you can make up for his deficiencies earlier/later but it's hard to get his level of production across the board in the 7th
  13. 8-12 weeks is the latest report so he'll miss the first 30 games or so. If you have a IR spot - lucky you! If you don't have a IR spot - I hope you have someone to drop so you can pick up Lamb/Monk Really hard to replace the multi-cat contribution of Batum though
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