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  1. Pitching eligibility is a bit different for ESPN. 3 starts or 5 relief appearances to gain same season eligibility, 5 and 8 for it to carry over. Their FAQ says they may also add SP/RP eligibility manually in cases where value will change drastically by doing so (which they don't do for position players). They are talking about adding SP/RP when a role switches, but the value consideration would apply here. I would hope they take care of it before it becomes an issue, but who knows with ESPN. Here is the link: https://support.espn.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000093592-Position-Eligibl
  2. Hasn't been mentioned here, but he was placed on the IL on May 24th. Haven't seen anything about why, or when he might be back.
  3. He threw good amount of curves. A couple back-to-back and behind in the count, got a few swings and misses. It was clear he was working on getting comfortable with using it more often than a "once in a while" pitch. It was a bit inconsistent, which isn't surprising since he's still working on it...every few curves he would bounce one or leave one in the eyes. Overall the pitch looked much improved much improved, if only as a third look to complement the FB and change. Other than that, hammering the zone with his FB and getting some silly looking whiffs with his change.
  4. I laughed at: Nick Senzel, 3B/2B/SS?/OF?, Cincinnati Reds I have Senzel in my dynasty league, and every other month I'm trying to figure out where I should be slotting him in.
  5. Fangraphs updated 2019 Steamer projections today. Pitchers prorated to 200 IP, sorted by WAR: https://www.fangraphs.com/projections.aspx?pos=all&stats=pit&type=steamer600&team=0&lg=all&players=0&sort=19,d. Who's that guy ranked 19th overall? He obviously isn't getting 200 IP in 2019, but it's obvious Steamer is a fan. 3.58 ERA, 9.35 K/9, 2.26 BB/9 for rate projections.
  6. Threw again on Wednesday. 5 innings, 8 H , 3 R, 6K, BB Didn't see it, but from gathering the reports online: Got knocked around a bit, including two runs in the first. Some of it was soft contact in there (some singles to 2B and SS) but gave up a few doubles. Was sitting 94-97 and touched 98. Most June and July reports had him sitting 90-93 and touching 95-96. Note that this was after a rain shorted game the week prior, so he might have been a bit more fresh this time around. He went 86 pitches. Didn't see anything on development of the breaking ball or whether the adde
  7. Paddack threw tonight, but the game was cancelled due to rain after throwing three innings. Struck out four in that time and got touched for two runs in the 2nd, including a home run
  8. Rodgers was put on the DL today with a hamstring strain. No timetable to return at the moment. Had a pretty lackluster start to his AAA stint before the injury (though in a small sample size of just 31 PAs).
  9. This was from yesterday's Klawchat: http://meadowparty.com/blog/2018/08/09/klawchat-8-9-18/
  10. Honestly, if he develops a league average breaking ball that would be a great thing. It'll play up with the FB/CH combo. Fangraphs had the CB at PV/FV of 5/55 (haha). If it truly reaches a 55, then we're talking. I'm not too worried about the K rate drop yet. I wasn't surprised to see a drop when he moved to AA. The current drop is mostly related to his first few outings. He's gone 8K in 5.2 IP and 7K in 5.0 IP in his last two outings, both against Houston's Corpus Christi affiliate which is one of the better offenses in the Texas League. Hopefully he keeps that up (and finds that
  11. Interesting. I always check on reports after his games since I haven't been able to watch many and they almost all say his curveball is bad and he isn't throwing it much. It's my biggest concern with him. The fastball/change combo is obviously elite at this point. Good to hear any positive reports on the curveball development, because I think he needs that third pitch to excel at the higher levels.
  12. He's a very skinny pitcher who has been ranked in the Top 50 of most major outlets on the back of tearing up A and A+ with a high K rate, and missed a significant amount of time in his AA season due to an injury (which many scouts warned would be a concern given the slight build) along with a significant drop in his K rate at that level. That sentence above could be used to describe Carl Edwards Jr. pretty much word for word. He's always felt a lot like Edwards. Maybe slapping a "Carl Edwards" stamp on every skinny pitcher is wrong, but his career has yet to diverge from that of Ed
  13. A report from his debut that I saw someone post over on Reddit: http://baseball-farm.com/index.php/2018/07/08/chris-paddack-aa-debut/. Author seems to be a big Paddack fan. Nice to see that he threw his curve a lot more since he was hardly ever throwing it in A+. Still described as a "work in progress." Author thinks it is more than likely average and might have plus potential. I'm thinking there might be some bumps along the way as he uses it more to develop it.
  14. Sure. I guess I expect the move to more advanced hitting to be a bigger deal than the park/league, especially given Paddack's current make up of essentially a two pitch FA-CH mix. I've seen a lot of guys do really well in A+ and not be able to make the big leap to AA, so I pay attention to that one more closely. Plus, any numbers he puts up I'll be considering in context to the park/league anyway. That's not to say I don't think he will succeed. I like Paddack. I own Paddack. I hope (and expect) for him to do well. If his FA-CH mix proves successful at AA I'll be even more hyped. I
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