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  1. Couldn't get the link to the team to come up, said I wasn't authorized, could you post the roster or message me?
  2. good luck finding enough people to join with no trades . . . ouch, otherwise a pretty solid league.
  3. 12 teams, $100 buy-in, auction draft (slow is preferred), 5 to 8 man minor league roster, 5x5 or 6x6 is fine, salary cap for the draft (minor leaguers don't carry a salary), no in-season salary cap, 5 to 8 active keepers, full minor league roster can be kept. Players can be signed to contract terms (2 to 4 years) during the season at their current year salary (no annual increase). All other players are on a one year (current year) contract, and don't have to be a keeper, if you sign more than your keeper limit to the 2 to 5 year contract, you must trade them in season or in the offseason.
  4. Is this an auction draft or snake? Do you keep the whole team year to year? IF not, how many keepers?
  5. Is this team still available? Very interested, send me an invite. b. grant79@comcast.net
  6. how many teams, what are the payouts, what is the roster structure, are minor leaguers included under the salary cap? This is a normal snake draft it sounds like, but I guess the players have a salary attached to them correct? Wish this was a $75-$100 buyin.
  7. can trades be made ahead of the draft and/or year round? And minor leaguers prices increase $5 and $10 as well?
  8. A couple of questions: 1. How many teams are in league? 2. Could you list out all the roster positions? I looked above, but I didn't see catcher, and only one bench spot, 3 minors. Seemed like a lot of active pitchers too. Thanks
  9. How many total bench spots are there, 8? Also, are there additional spots for minor leaguers, or must they fit on your bench? How many DL spots? Numbers under contract are round value I assume? Thanks!
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