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  1. this kid isn't scared and will be airing it out a lot. he doesn't play safe- he launches and depends on his WRs to make plays even in blanket coverage. it'll come down to Hopkins and fuller vs that SEA secondary and i don't see coverage playing a huge role in this game as that ball is getting aired out regardless. if if you want a safe play Watson isn't a great start. if you want to gamble on a low floor to hit a huge day roll him out.
  2. all things being equal I'd prefer to have jordy on my roster over ajayi. that Dolphins offense is a dumpster fire and ajayi has been considerably less than overwhelming this year. its tough to throw in the towel on Jordy. hundley clearly needs work. they have 2 weeks to give him a managable playbook to run that offense and it will probably target and highlight key pieces like Jordy- the less moving parts and simpler it becomes the more you depend on your money players. they have to get hundley comfortable back there and part of that is having solid WRs running solid routes he can
  3. lewis has missed the playoffs for the past 14 years. losing to the colts won't initiate something 14 seasons of futility should have.
  4. dude last week was the only week they haven't force fed mixon the ball in abt a month. they have tried to establish him repeatedly- hitting your head repeatedly into a brick wall isn't going to knock the wall down. he is not the problem. Marv Lewis coupled with a weak o line makes mixon unstartable week to week.
  5. dealt him today. mixon is not the problem- the o line is horrible and if they haven't sorted out that inefficiency over the last 7 weeks it isn't going to get better. that 25 yard carry last week was a busted play where the o line couldn't open up the hole he was supposed to hit, ended up scrambling across the line of scrimmage and made positive yardage. kids a talent playing behind a garbage o line - what you see is what your going to get.
  6. lol what!? world beater would be several steps down from what he was predicted to be. 105 pages and counting dedicated to delusion.
  7. imo if he goes anywhere it'll be the Giants. mara has the money, their backfield is a mess, manning looks lost and badly needs a pass catching back who can pass protect, they've lost their marquee player for the year and the fans are revolting. Hyde is 28 and going into his final contract. I don't see any of the teams mentioned (SEA PHI CAR) spending the money Hyde is going to want to be part of a committee. he'll go to a team where he's the primary back that needs his skill set > NYG.
  8. thats because he's playing with the other .001% of the most elite athletes in North America.
  9. i think the problem will be a combination of too many mouths to feed in LA, and rivers inability to feed them. makes it tough to do anything with him other than stash him.
  10. don't fear Watsons numbers not being what they have been historically this year simply because you don't envision him playing from behind this week. win or lose this team plays every minute of all four quarters- you never really realize how many teams mail it in when they are ahead or behind till you see a team like HOU grind for 60 min. and w the defense being banged up as it is the offense is going to have to put up a lot of points to help it limp along. start in confidence and enjoy the 30-40 pts he's going to throw up.
  11. you have crowder and Pryor both s---*ing the bed in WAS what the hell is Doctson going to do? there is little reason to stash this guy let alone buy into the unreal amount of hype surrounding him. 1/52/1 2/27/0 how the f--- is this guy worth 12 pages of discussion is beyond me.
  12. i don't think anyone foresaw hyde going 15/125/0 against SEA in week 2. if if there was a game you would have looked at early on in the season and thought 'i should sit hyde' that would have been it. hyde has shown he can move the ball against typically good run defenses. after the contract talks, the benching, and a week of everyone in the press questioning his role in that offense w breida there i wouldn't bet against the man.
  13. fuller will continue to stand out in that system not so much from a matchup or positional standpoint but a situational one- Watsons garbage time 50/50 jump balls to him into coverage. i I don't see a massive regression here- he might not put up two tds a game but win or lose they are going to be launching that ball into 40 yard fuller on safety jump ball spots. i have not not seen a team in recent memory that fights to the last second like Houston. they refuse to lose. this only solidifies fullers value going fwd. enjoy the garbage time points.
  14. is there any basis for the trade talk in this thread or is it merely wishful thinking? dont get my hopes up a move like that instantly gives me 2 RB1s - Hyde and Breida
  15. i find it very peculiar that of all the posts I make that get deleted, the majority are in response to you . someone must be sleeping close to the 'report to moderator' button so I'll take the time to re iterate what I first wrote because I think it's important- after all people take the advise you give out here for better or worse, and given what I have seen it's mostly for the worst. the way you have continually embarrassed yourself in the Derrick henry thread you have lost what credibility you had, and have zero room to criticise anyone's roster, or give advise.
  16. the two backs I see with the most upside, given their relative starting points at the beginning of this season are Kamara and duke jr. Kamara didn't get off to a great start on the eye test but weekly you can see improvements in his game. from here on out the kids a weekly flex but I'm tempering my ceiling a bit since this is a NO backfield.
  17. metrics don't measure intangibles, stud. if you actually watched the game instead of scouring box scores you'd know that. those same data and metrics you parade out would have seen the greatest QB of all time fall right thru the draft. those same metrics saw Jamarcus Russell be one of the biggest bust outs in NFL history. just give it up- it's embarrassing watch you flail about trying to salvage your dignity in here. hope this helps.
  18. for a point of reference I'm a Watson owner keeping mariota and Bradford warm on my bench. at some point the wheels might come off deshawns 'launch the ball 40 yards and hope the wideout out jumps the safety' pass attack. i say the wheels 'might' come off because Kurt Warner made a career of doing the same thing and got in the HOF. so if you have him just enjoy the ride, forget about moving him and if he lays an egg give it two games before you bench him- the logic being you got him for nothing so take the free points. trying to deal him might see you give
  19. won't happen. NO doesnt run their back field like that. timeshare city here on out which is still way better than having AP in the mix even though he was a non event this increases Kamaras value drastically so it's def an upside day for Kamaras owners.
  20. rest easy. shanahan was sending a message. the hot hand thing is bull****. 'if I can bench the heart of this team for not doing his job be damn sure I'll bench you- if not worse' if he was going to make the move to breida he would have done it 2 weeks ago instead of starting Hyde with a hip pointer. that start alone should tell you something. NFL head coaches are not a fickle bunch it takes weeks of horrible performance to supplant someone.
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