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  1. Yeah I think he's a scammer. Sending you a PM and an email. Please reply. Thanks.
  2. Who is Bounty3153@hotmail? I emailed that person and they sent me the link but it says Joker's Wild. WTF??? EDIT: I also paid this person's league safe but I'm starting to think it's got nothing to do with this league...
  3. Interested and will pay immediately. Email at zipperfly4000@icloud.com. Thanks.
  4. I'm good with that. I'm in. Please send brant.rdier@icloud.com. I'll pay right away. Thanks.
  5. Title says it all. Looking for standard scoring, snake, and no FAAB (not deal breaker).
  6. I'll buy in assuming it's pretty standard. Saw a strange comment about waivers. Maybe that can be explained quick. Is it FAB? zipperfly4000@icloud.com
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