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  1. We need 6 new owners. You can keep 15 MLB players and all Minor league slots. Cannot keep over the 15 minor league slots. https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/ncitg5x5kfq31lwx/standings League Rules Summary and Scoring: https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/ncitg5x5kfq31lwx/rules Teams available: Boston Red Sox https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/ncitg5x5kfq31lwx/team/roster;teamId=wb02jt7kkfq31ly1 Detroit Tigers https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/ncitg5x5kfq31lwx/team/roster;teamId=w8fw5je3kfq31lxq Ferris Burner https://www.f
  2. This is the fifth year of this league. We have two team open. Giants - Drafting 11th overall. https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/team?leagueId=154520&seasonId=2021&teamId=8 Mariners - Drafting 1st overall https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/team?leagueId=154520&seasonId=2021&teamId=3 Draft is tonight unless we cannot fill the two team in which case we will draft on the 28th. Seattle finished last and Giants finished 6th. Text if interested - 843-754-5370 Or message on this site.
  3. I have two teams available for a draft today. https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/team?leagueId=154520&seasonId=2021&teamId=8 25$ entry. Giants and Mariners are open.
  4. https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/team?leagueId=154520&seasonId=2021&teamId=8
  5. Second team owner needed. Draft tomorrow. 25 keepers, dynasty league. Seattle Mariners and Giants need owners https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/team?leagueId=154520&seasonId=2021&teamId=3
  6. This is year 5 of our 16 team dynasty league. We need one maybe two owners. Draft is tomorrow night.
  7. This would be free for an owner to take over this team. This is a H2H, 7 keeper league. Again, this season would cost you nothing as the buy in is already in. Let me know if interested and I’ll send an invite.
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