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  1. My WR1 is AB, just need helping choosing WR2 & flex. I’m leaning on diggs and cooper but I just feel like Davis is about to blowup in prime time. Leave links below. Thanks
  2. I’d get Darkwa and hold foreman. Burkhead is still in that committee and he’s probably worth less than gillislee right now. I think I need to see more from Ekeler but he’s definitely someone to watch as the season progress.
  3. Not sure if diggs groin injury is lingering but he has two full practice in. Lewis snap count has been trending up but it’s still NE Rb committee. I should’ve just stated Collins and I wouldn’t have to worry about this. Qb: taylor rb1: Zeke rb2: CJA w1: A. Brown w2: Cooper Te: ASJ K: Zuerlin (Bye, taking a 0) Standard, 14 team Leave links, thank you.
  4. Coming back week 6, worthy pickup for byes? Matchup against jets
  5. I like Kamara a lot reminds me a lot sproles role back then. Although I don't like fat Kelley, the redskins seem to be invested in him. Make the trade
  6. QB: Goff / Taylor im leaning goff because their offense just seems to be on a roll. TE: Clay / Watson TE is a wasteland and I'm leaning on Clay just getting a TD FLEX: Cooper / j. Allen / m. Bryant Leaning Allen Cuz of cooper matchup and Crabtree being out. leave your links. WHIR thank you in advance!
  7. I can also pickup these people: T. Benjamin CJ2k doctson fuller
  8. Plugging in diggs to WR2 which leaves me these 3 for flex: WHIR A. Cooper J. Allen M. Bryant also which TE to start Watson Clay THANKS!
  9. Thanks everyone! I'll hold on to cja hope he stays healthy
  10. I like Dez more. I don't like Carson palmer very much and although fitz is reliable I'm concerned he's getting old.
  11. Trying to build my team and wondering if I should make an offer on Mixon by CJA. Would that be a fair trade or should I just keep CJA? WHIR 12teamer Standard qb: t. Taylor, j. Goff, luck rb: zeke, cja, Henry, j. Allen, a. Collins Wr: a. Brown, diggs, m. Bryant Te: Clay, Watson THANKS!
  12. Just heard news diggs won't be shadowed by bucs corner injury. Hmm. I feel safe with Henry but he's still a backup.
  13. I would do it, I really like hunt. I feel like McCoy will get injured soon because of how reliant bills offense will be on him. Eli is too inconsistent for me to throw to OBJ, I'm hoping the OC in bengals will change things for green.
  14. I'm trying to make an offer on freeman. Fair trade? Or should I just hold on to what I got? WHIR give: cooper & cja get: Freeman & tyrell Williams team: qb: goff, Taylor rb: zeke, cja, Henry, Allen, perine WR: A. brown, cooper, m. Bryant, diggs te: b. Watson 12 team standard
  15. Brees and Allen. I hate palmer so much. Jacquiz is decent, rather have allen's upside
  16. Yeah I don't think u should let go of kelci. I guess it just depends how bad u need a WR. Tate isn't that elite even tho ertz would be a good replacement. Maybe he has a better WR?
  17. I would go fleener just cuz the over and under for that game is huge. I have Ebron too and I'm just going to wait till he gets it rolling
  18. I have diggs and Bryant too, the whole keenum thing tells me to go martavis bryant
  19. Narrow down to White or west, leaning White as well tho
  20. Who should i start flex? diggs, m. Bryant, l. Allen? thanks in advance. Whir
  21. Sit Diggs? other choices: Martavis Bryant j. Allen WHIR
  22. Sit Diggs? other choices: Martavis Bryant j. Allen WHIR
  23. Going for a threefer, who to start this week? 1) Tyrod or goff 2) Ebron or clay 3) pick up Ellington, CJ2k, or Perine ROS THANKS!
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