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  1. As much as I would like to see Robby Anderson or Darius Slayton in good match ups in place of Terry, I just can’t sit a stud playing at home regardless of the opponent..... Terry is a stud. Not that you all needed reminding
  2. I still have hope Week 1 - a few drops Week 2 - dropped a 44 yard TD Week 3 - Didn’t need him in a blowout Week 4 - Could have had a 45 yard-ish TD. He toasted CB Fuller on double move so badly that Fuller had to deliberately grab him Also stats don’t show (not sure if there’s a next gen stuff for this) who was the quarterback’s first read and from what I’ve seen, Rivers has looked his way (or in his direction) enough for me to believe he’ll produce enough to be fantasy relevant with decent upside with Rivers at QB + dominant Offensive line. Im go
  3. Thanks! I’m hurting at TE as Herndon is being ruined by Gase and Goedert is in IR. Hilton though, I’d scoop him up in your league as he’s still looking good. Week 1 and 2 had some brutal drops and week 3 he had those stats before the game got out of hand. Not that you asked but just returning the favor
  4. Would you give away Leonard Fournette and T.Y Hilton for Antonio Gibson and Jonnu Smith? Full PPR. Thanks in advance!
  5. You’re not alone. #WeStanFuller✌️ Let’s go
  6. We were all aware that if we get 8 full games with Fuller we are lucky when he was drafted around 7-8th round. When healthy and not limited, I wouldn’t bet against Deshaun Watson’s No.1 WR. Also, it was unfortunate that he looked like he got hurt on that one reverse play on the very first drive of the game (I may be wrong but it was very early but this is important) but that shows me offense is trying to get creative in getting him the ball early and often. He’s a must start for me against anyone when healthy.
  7. I’d drop Thomas for Gage. Or maybe even pick up Burrow to see if he continues to throw for 45+ per game.
  8. Which one would you rather have ROS in Full PPR
  9. -2nd faster stop speed -0 eight men box (if they didn’t stack the box on that last drive, hard to believe that defenses would stack the box against Tampa for coming weeks) That’s all I needed to know. Thanks.
  10. I’m sold on that jump cut on the 51 yard run though
  11. If he practices in full, I’m starting him. Matthews desperately needs him. Picked him at 21st so if I don’t start him and he goes off, I will regret it but I am fine getting Will Fuller’d by my guy because he needed to be eased in if I could have him healthy for the ROS. At least I won’t have regrets lol
  12. I wouldn’t trade away Watson’s #1 receiver for Moore. Besides Robby Anderson is more than just a deep guy and talented and I can see him and Moore split targets in the future.
  13. Not sure if anybody mentioned this already but watching the Monday night game, to me, it looked like Titans don’t want to wait until fourth quarter to tire out the opposing defense so Henry can king his way. There were more than a few quick plays and seems like they want to tire out defense with fast paced offense. It makes sense. It wasn’t like there were down big but Tannehill threw for 43 times and Henry ran for 31. For those who watched the game, what are your takes on this? Because if it’s a trend I’m buying Davis and would try getting other Titans
  14. RoJo did what he did with defenses keying on Evans, Godwin and etc. LF won’t see constant 8 man in the box like he did and Jax. Defenses are going to be busy trying to find where Evans, Godwin and Gronk are lined up and face TB at QB. LF will see more running lanes and less defenders in the box than he did in Jax last year. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t easily take over the backfield. For some reason if he doesn’t, he’s your prb your RB3 or 4 anyway but I like the odds on this one.
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