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  1. Depending on your roster I would say hold it, likely you drafted him to be your WR5+. Timeline for return is around week 2. If no other gem end's up within reach through ww, you should keep it. After all, you've drafted him for a reason. On JJAW and Hightower topic: both are too risky at this point in time (WEEK 0) and there are better lotto tickets off waivers.
  2. anyone starting him this week against the packers defense? Might wanna put this lotto ticket to play...
  3. I’ve just picked him out of free agency, somehow no one picked him out of the waivers. Good handcuff with a good upside.
  4. i need K.Rudolph+Cj Anderson+Sanders+Broncos STd to score 37 more points than W.lutz(K-NO) - Standard
  5. Any thoughs after the last game? i'm looking for him at the wr2 range...
  6. Hopefully this is just a setback. Haven't liked so far
  7. Any thoughts after today? 69 yards with an impressive catch. I'm happy i haven't dropped him ...
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