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  1. Scam. Why do they keep letting you post this? Email me Brett or whatever your name is, if you have the nerve.
  2. This guy is a scammer. Invite you to the league with what seems to be a great keeper team on ESPN, take your money, delete you from the league with excuse that is something wrong with the website. Delete his email address, take your money, and ran.
  3. I'm interest if it's still avail. viapizarro@yahoo.com
  4. I'm interest in team 7. viapizarro@yahoo.com
  5. I'm interest and active player all season. Pls send league info. viapizarro@yahoo.com - Jon
  6. I'm interest in joining. Is this a dynasty league. Please send me the more info re: league fee and format. viapizarro@yahoo.com
  7. Bump...I'm sure there are one or two of you out there that want my trophy
  8. I'm interest, diehard, and available to draft. viapizarro@yahoo.com. - Jon
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