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  1. @Chwf3rd @Most Guruist I get the feel that in a neutral scenario, Ingram is the lead back with Kamara as COP. Kamara gets increased snaps when playing catchup, while Ingram will get the majority of touches in games that the Saints are trying to control (not just killing clock). The only thing that I see being consistent going forward is that Ingram will get snaps inside the 5, considering he can be utilized for anything from a dive to a pass. They will likely see a somewhat even amount of snaps in the 5-15 yard territory, but I can't see the Saints putting Kamara in when they can threaten a di
  2. Butter defense is limiting Doug to his 15 ish touches a week, and he has a much tougher upcoming schedule. Shady is the man everywhere on the field, other than when Tolbert comes and occasionally snags a TD. I'd take Shady no matter what man. Better schedule, better floor, roughly the same chances of scoring TD's. I'm not sure how anyone could value Doug over Shady at this point..
  3. I'd send this trade with complete confidence. No idea how the guy on the receiving end will feel about it though.. Diggs will be hobbled if he even plays this week, than goes on bye. Fitzy will likely be a mid-low WR2 on average in PPR, and Kamara is definitely a nice upgrade over Lewis + he's already past his bye week. edit: I should add, I'd do this 100% if you need the wins now. If you're sitting pretty and can handle a tough matchup for the next two weeks, it could be worth it to ride out Digg's injury, but that's up to you. There is so much uncertainty surrounding Diggs and Fi
  4. @ap0calypse @awesomesince86 You guys think I should try Amari Cooper for him first? Cooper might have a better schedule going forward, and Hogan has Gronk back which will eat up his RZ targets, but idk which one I could rely on more. Cooper is deff a bigger boom/bust player, whereas Hogan will give me a decent floor with a TD every now and then.. Not really sure which would be worth hanging onto.
  5. If you can ship Hilton for an upgrade over any starter I feel like it's worth it. I wouldn't do it for Diggs though unless you really need wins now because he might have limited usage this weekend (if he even plays) than I believe he has a bye.
  6. Second trade would deff be better, but like Chains has said keep the byes/matchups in mind when making a trade, unless you're cruising to the point that it's worth it to put yourself in a risky situation for a game or two.
  7. Thinking of offering Hogan + Mixon for Julio. This is an 8 man standard league, and I have Shady, Ingram, Miller, and Mixon. I'm working with Cooper, Hogan, DJax, and sterling shepard at WR though.. In standard scoring I feel like I'm always at a disadvantage because I never have one of those top 5 receivers, and I'm 2-5 (lost by .7 last week.. 167 to 168 to the guy with zeke and Carr. FML) so having Hogan with his bye + a few tough matchups coming up worries me. I'm still hopeful that I could make a run for playoffs because the league is so close, and I need whatever will give me the best cha
  8. I’ll likely be selling him before he even plays his first game. I have TY, Amari, and Snead but am still someone the 2nd highest points in the league, so I’m just trying to get trade value to upgrade TY without compromising my starting RB situation.
  9. Deff hold. You're starting lineup is awesome with the 3 RB's and hill + Evans. I would not want to trust Lewis or Gore in my flex in half PPR.
  10. What's you're roster look like, and the scoring in your league? If it's standard this is definitely an overpay. In half point and full point PPR, it gets a little closer, but Ingram will still be much more dependable. Even if Ingram hadn't scored TD's in the past couple games, he still would have put up amazing scores. Ultimately though, this decision will be based entirely on your roster.
  11. The Jordy trade would be much more enticing to me, but I'd be interested in seeing if the guy accepts it. If I were the Tyreek owner, I frankly wouldn't be accepting either of them. Definitely shoot the offer out there because who knows, but if I were him I wouldn't be letting go of Hill unless I was getting a dependable RB2 in return.
  12. I feel like you're fleecing this guy lol.. CMC in PPR is legit, and will be getting better throughout the season. He's also a great keeper candidate going forward. Deff accept this.
  13. I'd keep Martin and Cooper based on your roster. Having Bell and Hunt with Martin in your flex will give you way more than getting Evans. Hold off on the trade for sure man.
  14. WDIS, standard scoring. Joe Mixon vs. Colts Lamar Miller @ Seattle Mixon looked reaaally good first half of last game, and has a matchup that should give a really RB friendly game script, but I have no idea what his usage will be like after getting not getting a touch second half this past weekend... Miller I know will have the 70 yard floor against the Seahawks, but there isn't nearly as much upside in that matchup. Opinions? I'd also love an ROS outlook on these guys, as I'm likely going to be using them in a package trade soon. Any opinions on
  15. I feel like that's fair, it's tough for me to really judge the trade because I'm not used to valuing QB's in 6pt TD leagues. In a normal 4 pt, I'd say you're actually overpaying haha. If you're set on getting Brady, I'd say this is a solid trade to make. Idk if it'll be worth it though considering Ryan's schedule is about to get really nice ROS.
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