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  1. Picked up Higgins specifically for the match up against the Jets this week. Now I'm scrambling for a late replacement in the scrap heap. Also I was planning to start Baker and will likely have to pivot away from that now IDK.
  2. They were getting blown out and he still finished the game. If it was a serious issue they would have sat him.
  3. I didn't watch the entire game so I might have missed Montgomery getting dinged up, but it seemed like they had Patterson in more during the second half for some reason.
  4. He rolled his ankle it wasn’t anything serious. I was worried until they showed the replay.
  5. That should be stat corrected later on but if not I agree with you.
  6. I agree that Tua is the QB of the future but they do own Houston's first round pick which should be top 10 if not higher.
  7. Not that he would be a difference maker in fantasy but it's odd there's been no news on a timetable for a return. He'd be a improvement over Moore.
  8. Just plucked Brian Hill off the wire, would you roll with him or Montgomery?
  9. Hurst probably has the safest floor of all of them. I think Jonnu can have some weeks he can win you with his td upside if you can live with the down weeks. If you want consistency then I’d lean Hurst but if you can stomach the boom/bust I’d go Jonnu.
  10. He’s had at least three drops tonight so he’s not without blame.
  11. This is actually what pissed me off the most considering it looked like Mckinnon has dinged himself up earlier on that same drive. Maybe coaches pulled Hasty when it looked like he fumbled?
  12. Was hoping for a garbage time Hasty td to save his day.
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