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  1. Ooohhhh, AJ Dillon-- you ALREADY drafted. Yikes, somebody drafted a bad team. What's the buy-in?
  2. That's fine, I understand. I'll do it. I just messaged you my email address.
  3. Thanks. That doesn't reflect the scoring though. And the link isn't effective because you have to be a member of the league to view.
  4. If jazzyjeff doesn't respond in time, I'll take the Vikings! neilquinter@yahoo.com
  5. A friend of mine started a guillotine league like this in the meantime, so I'm going with that. Good luck!
  6. Let me know if you want to expand the league-- I'm very interested.
  7. (I don't want to do IDP). Will pay quickly if I can make the draft. Thanks.
  8. If you can move the draft up to 7:00, I'll definitely join and pay immediately.
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