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  1. pretty generous, I'd say 15/17/2.3/1.4/1.7 on 510% and 60%ft is more probable
  2. Not trying to trade him definitely. His value is too low at the moment and he will, without a doubt, turn it around once he gets going. If you're punting FG like I am you should be looking to trade for him considering his owners might take cents on the dollar because his recent injury issues.
  3. Is Ghostface an obvious add with Dedmon and Muscala out? Someone has to play right? I have just dropped PJ Tucker and I'm hoping for the best
  4. Well, the healthy Kawhi side is a lot better than KAT's side so if the owner can afford to wait for Conley and Kawhi, and if they stay healthy, this trade might win him the championship
  5. That would get vetoed in my league even before it was accepted ffs
  6. no love for kemba? 5 3s 45/6/5 on 63% shooting MONSTER
  7. Tyler Johnson IMO, seems to be the most inconsistent out of this group of players.
  8. It's a tough one to be honest. However, I think if I had to decide, I'd keep Gobert. Paul's arrow is pointing down, he won't be "the man" in an NBA team ever again even though he will produce nice numbers for at least few years. Gobert hasn't even reached his prime yet. If you can get somebody better than James Johnson/J-Rich great but I'd do the deal nevertheless. Thanks for the help on mine!
  9. I don't agree it's a no brainer. However, it's a deal you should do. Kawhi could have minute restrictions once he comes back and there's the omnipresent Popovic factor here as well. Thanks for the help on mine!
  10. I need a PG and Waiver wire is dry af. Some of the options are: Tyler Ulis Jameer Nelson Cory Joseph Jarret Jack Yogi Ferrel Mario Chalmers Garret Temple WHIR, just post the link to your topic with your comment.
  11. "He's been fantasy gold for my punt rebounds team!" -nobody ever
  12. I'd have DSJ unless I'm punting assists. Then I would take Mitchell.
  13. I'd take Embiid unless you're doing awesome in your league since I think Gasol is a lower injury risk. However, if you aren't doing as well, Embiid could win you league.
  14. I like Towns more and I think you should pull the trigger. However, if George suits your team better it wouldn't be a mistake to stay put.
  15. Depends on what do you need. FG & Blocks while also improving turnovers and FT%? - Myles Turner Need 3s, assists and steals? Draymond Green
  16. Gallinari I think is the best yeah, but I don't think you have a clear drop. Mitchell or Collins maybe or LaVine but they don't belong to the ww. Try to make a 2-1 trade to open a spot.
  17. I wouldn't, I think Prince will have higher value this year overall, Ingram is a percentages killer and Prince offers a ton of steals.
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