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  1. Conley by a mile IMO, he will surely get better.
  2. I'd burn it yeah, I don't think you can get a more consistent (when healthy) from the ww
  3. Enough with this crap, I have a question for Kawhi owners. What offers would you consider though? For which of these players would you give up your Kawhi?: CJ McCollum Kemba Walker Blake Griffin Khris Middleton Jimmy Buckets Goran Dragic Paul Milsap Kyle Lowry DeMar DeRozan Would you insist on getting a second round player, would you settle for a third- ounder as well, what do you think his value is currently?
  4. He countered with Len to show you what he thinks of your offer. I mean Kawhi is a buy-low but some of these offers are ridiculous.
  5. If it's Myles Turner it's a no-brainer. Myles will offer more value than Jimmy this season and Middleton could definitely end up having the same value as Jimmy. If it's Evan Turner I'd stay put as well.
  6. What's with Monroe if no big men go the other way?
  7. Over now, Bledsoe got traded so it's obvious now. Thanks everyone.
  8. If you can make a nice 2 for 1 trade I'd do it. I always try to have a streaming spot and it can be of a huge importance and can win you match-ups. However, don't drop a player just for the sake of having a streaming spot. Please help with mine
  9. Likewise, he has been outplaying his ADP but he will definitely get worse once Kawhi starts to play and that could be very soon. Please help with mine
  10. if you have a clear drop and you're desperate for assists yeah, I don't see why not. He's rosterable in 14 teamers and borderline at best in 12 and less team leagues though. Please help with mine
  11. Yeah take Durant. I know Oladipo's numbers are flashy af but he might have some ups and downs while Durant is arguably the number 1 fantasy player. Also in a 10-teamer ww tends to be nice so yeah, definitely do that. Pls help with mine http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/682120-which-side-wins-whir/
  12. Yeah do the trade. Zingis = Batum + Beal and it's also excellent when you get the best player in the trade. Pls help with mine http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/682120-which-side-wins-whir/
  13. I would never trade Capela and Collison for Conley, Lowry, Millsap. IMO Capela's numbers are sustainable and I'd be targeting players like Jokic or Gobert if you feel lucky or players like Oladipo and Whiteside . Walker also works. Thanks for the help with mine!
  14. Yeah but the question is not only where, but also when will he land? Suns seem to be in no rush to trade him and Bledsoe's production after the trade has to be good enough to outweigh Jaylen's production up to that point.
  15. I'd go side B as well. Ingles is seriously underrated and is at least equally good as Prince. Love on the other hand can just improve. Fournier has been on a hot streak which cannot continue, don't even question that Pls help with mine
  16. I am offered Bledsoe for my Jaylen Brown. Is it worth the risk? I'm doing mediocre in my league, being 8th in a 14 team league but I believe my team will improve with or without Bledsoe. However, landing Bledsoe on a team where he would shine could be a potential game changer and league winner. On the other hand, Bledsoe not playing till Christmas and then landing on a team like Cavs could be fatal for my season. WHIR, just post the link to your topic with your comment. Cheers
  17. Why would u take Powell in the first place? Man is hardly rosterable in 14-team leagues and Hood has a much more prominent role
  18. Yeah do it and take Hood/Carroll/Len depending on your needs
  19. Yeah, I thin the owner could bite that and that would be a fair trade
  20. My dog wouldn't accept ******** Harrison Barnes for Kawhi, what are you smoking?
  21. Agreedo with posts above, Turner+ Rubio wins by a nice margin
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