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  1. Yeah, Lebron's side all the way to the bank man. Pull the trigger.
  2. I'd take Lamb and Oubre over Dejounte and Frank The Tank if you really need to win in this or in the following 3-4 weeks. I think both Oubre and Lamb will lose some of their value once Batum and Kieff are back.
  3. Yeah I'd stay put. Giannis is pretty much untradable right now IMO and unless it's a no-brainer trade just sit back and enjoy the ride.
  4. I'd stay put. Boogie's value without TO's is monsterous, while Lonzo also gets value here. Both of them are more likely to get a double double than the Joker and Klay and Klay also loses some of his value without TO's.
  5. Yeah, take it. 3s are the easiest cat to get of waivers and asissts might be the toughest.
  6. Drop that Chriss ASAP Out of the players you listed I like RHJ the most.
  7. I'd stay put. It's a fair trade and it depends on the cats that you're trying to improve but in a vacuum I'd probably stay put.
  8. I'd take Rozier. He will get constant minutes and provide you with unusal stats for a guard while having more value than Oubre and Caroll IMO
  9. I'd stay put. You just aren't getting enough value in return IMO
  10. If you can get Gobert for Vucevic I'd do that in a heartbeat.
  11. The second one is definitely too much IMO. It also depends on who you can get from the waiver wire. The first one seems reasonable and if you're targeting Jimmy I see no problem giving that package. Covington+Jrue is the owner is overreacting or Jrue and Horford also seem fine.
  12. If you can get Capela I'd do that. Capela is a break out candidate and just offers more value than Jrue IMO
  13. Yeah, I agree with the post above. Wouldn't trade him for Bledsoe who might get shut down later on as isn't much better to begin with.
  14. I own both of them and yeah, think I'd still stay put. If you aren't a much of a risk taker, you could drop Mitchell for ZBo, but he offers no upside and hardly anything besides mediocre low-end points and rebounds
  15. Any of these 3 is a better choice than Saric. But yeah, I'd go with either Aminu or Carrol.
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