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  1. Kawhi all the way to the bank mate. It's not like he's out untill all star or something, and he is a top 5 or 6 fantasy player in the league.
  2. I'd drop Chriss for Prince. Chriss is the only player that you can justify dropping and Prince played really well and has an open path to minutes as well
  3. I'd drop Monroe, he is still in a doghouse and doesn't offer much value while Johnson's multi-cat contribution is tasty.
  4. I'd give up any of them I mean it's a no brainer. Even if Kawhi misses another month I'll survive it by getting that first round, top 6-7 in the league beast. The season has just started and I can afford to loose a 2 weeks more than I would with Embiid or Klay in my team.
  5. Unrosterable in 12-team leagues with Bledsoe , in deeper league he may have some value in certain strategies.
  6. Maybe not enough offense but they would have enough defense
  7. Turner for me all day long. Has the potential to be top15 player, probably in the top20 though, but still, great upside IMO
  8. In the order they are listed in the name of your topic. Wall, then Irving and then Lillard.
  9. Being really high on Rubio this year, I'd pull the trigger. He has more upside and the stats he offers are way harder to get off the waiver wire than the stats Dragic offers.
  10. I would do all of these trades beside the Butler and PG one and the Aaron Gordon one since DeRozan also gets some of his value from assists. The other 4 are all good and if you could pull any of them it would be money for you. Towns one is probably the best but the other 3 are superb as well.
  11. Then stay put and pray for the best. You could pull off even a better trade if Embiid has a string of monster games and he just might.
  12. Rotojoe then take CJ. Still a top 30 player and fits your team
  13. It depends. 10-teamer hell no,however in a 14-team league that would be worthy of a #1 waiver claim.
  14. It is fair IMO and I would do it if I were you. I think AD side wins by a tight margin
  15. Agree with izebyk. In a vacuum, I'd take CJ but I mostly like him if i punt assists and seeing you took Dame and Jokic Conley suits you better.
  16. You definitely overreached for him. He will be at best a top40 player this season IMO.
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