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  1. Mirotic>JaMychal>Barton>Ilyasova for me I mean, Mirotic could prove to be a complete s--- and not rosterable but even if he does, there is no harm done. He however has the highest upside being on that awful bulls team and having the opportunity to flourish. He could win some weeks for you when he's hot.
  2. Agree with rotojoe. Dray is a unicorn of a player and definitely more valuable than Klay IMO.
  3. Don't do it. Garry Harris has the chance to be top40 player and Ibaka can still be quite useful.
  4. I'd do it for Conley of CJ, but definitely not for Teague and Bledsoe. Dragic is a maybe.
  5. Nope, you went for the upside and that is fine. There's a chance that looking back at the end of the season you could be the one who robbed the other guy. Valanciunas is just less risk, you know what you're getting.
  6. Agree with roffie, Myles Turner is the most valuable one here. Turner>Draymond>Conley
  7. I'd do that in a heartbeat. That upside could win you a league potentially.
  8. I'd do it in a heartbeat. Both CJ Miles and KCP are very useful players and moreover Gallo is almost a lock to get injured in the course of the season. Noel is a breakout candidate, will definitely offer more value than gallo.
  9. Turner without a doubt. He will be a top20 player, while top15ish is not out of the question, while Marc Gasol will be about top30. Not a huge difference but it's still clear that he has more value. I'd stay put.
  10. I'm thinkng more of something like 47% 86% 1.2 3rb 4.9ass 1.2stl 0.2blk 1.9to and 12.5 points which is still pretty good
  11. He is still worth more than $5 but $20 is too much. I'd say $10-$15 is about right, considering he could flirt with 1st round value when he returns and if you think you can get in your fantasy playoffs while spending $15 on him that's not overreaching. On the other hand $10 is just a great value for him and I wouldn't pass on that.
  12. Turner all the way to the bank man, not even comparable. On the earlier argument, I'd say it's Gobert>Turner>Porzingis>Whiteside
  13. Drop Saric definitely. He won't get enough minutes to produce and even if he does he won't have remotely enough usage as last year. Saric won't be rosterable in a 12teamer this year.
  14. If you could get Paul, do it in a heartbeat. Otherwise it depends. DeRozan probably values less but if you don't want to risk it with those 3rd and 4th round players it's safer to take DeMar. Avoid Booker.
  15. I think they are kind of the same value so it just depends which cats you want to strengthen. Personally, I'd take Marc Gasol because I think you can get worse but similar kind of players like Klay much later in the draft and Marc Gasol offers a nice amount of out-of-position assists, good rebounds, nice blocks, an occasional steal and an occasional 3 apparently.
  16. Boban offers more upside but I don't think he'll get enough minutes every game because he is so dependent on the opposing matchup. I'd go Simmons.
  17. As I sad on a similar topic, it's KD#1, Giannis #2 then everyone else in a 9cat league
  18. Giannis without a doubt. In 9cat leagues it's KD#1 Giannis #2 then everyone else
  19. I'm lacking rebounds A LOT but I don't really need blocks. I could also use some improvement in my steals/points/threes since I'm set in FG,FT, AS, BLK,TO
  20. I'd probably stay put if it was a normal 9cat league but with DD and Team Wins as a category I'd definitely take this. You could get a handful of DDs with Aldridge and also both Pistons and Spurs will have much more wins than Suns and Bulls. Also Bledsoe is locked to get shut down for Fantasy Playoffs Please help with mine:
  21. Yeah, it's a good trade for both sides but if Porzingis fits your team more than Draymond (you are already set in assists and steals), I'd definitely do it help with mine please
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