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  1. 14 team H2H 9cat league I've just put KCP on my IR spot so I can add one player from the waiver wire but I'm having troubles deciding which one to choose: Notable FA'a: Skal Labissiere, Justise Winslow, Tyler Johnson, Tristan Thompson, Yogi Ferrel, Dejounte Murray, Kelly Oubre, Stanley Johnson, Jonathan Simmons It would also really help if you could rank them but I appreciate any kind of help. Will help in return, as I already have (check my profile) many times. Cheers!
  2. I'd probably stay put. It is a close one and it depends how strong is your team, in other words, will you be able to do fine with IT on your IR spot. Embiid is a huge injury risk and almost definitely won't play more than 65 games and Bazemore is borderline rosterable in a 12-teamer. However, Favors is also a huge injury risk despite having a high ceiling and IT is out for a while so it is though but as I said, I'd stay put.
  3. Really a tough one but I agrre with MWon. Kat and AD have pretty much the same value and Batum is much more valuable than Rondo who is moreover still an uncertainty.
  4. Drop Tristan Thompson without a second thought. Crabbe, Dedmon Chandler all offer more value than Tristan. With Crowder in town he loses his place in the starting lineup and is good only to get rebounds and pretty much nothing else while also having s---y ft%. Tristan Thompson is hardly rosterable in 14 team leagues.
  5. I'd do that in a heartbeat. Garry Harris will arguably be better than LMA alone and Tobias offers nice value as well. Do it and run,
  6. I'd take that in heartbeat honestly if you have dead weight on your roster to drop.
  7. I'd do that as well, if the other owner agrees to it, do it and run!
  8. KD if available, if not I think Steph is a good choice. Harden, Westbrook, AD are all perfectly fine choices as well so it's up to you.
  9. I'd replace Chriss with Prince. It's a tough one so it's perfectly fine to just stay put and see how things will turn up.
  10. Tyler Johnson is a FA in my 14 team league, he's nothing more than a handcuff for Dragic. I'd take Parsons probably but I don't see anyone droppable in your team so I'd stay put if I were you.
  11. Giannis no doubt... KD#1, Giannis #2 then everyone else
  12. Drop Willy, I mean the Knicks are overcrowded at center and I don't see Willy having much value with Noah, Kanter and Quinn in rotation, at least in the first 3 or 4 months. Take either Seth, who could have top 80 value if healthy or Anderson/RHJ.
  13. Take it and run, one could argue this trade is acceptable even without the pick so yeah, I'd definitely take the deal if I were you.
  14. Take Draymond Green's side and run! I meam, Draymond > Lowry, CJ>>> Teague, Covington>>>>>>Rose First of all, you're overloaded with guards to begin with. Secondly, you're just getting a better bunch of players than the one you're trading away. Both Draymond and Lowry wil be top 20 players or pretty close, but CJ is going to be a top 30 while Teague offers something like top 75 value. He is going to lose a ton of value and usage playing beside KAT, Jimmy and Wiggins. His points and assists will get lower and his ceiling is pretty low. And on top of ever
  15. He's not limited to any build quite honestly. Don't take him if you're punting blocks yeah, but he doesn't automatically force you to punt something like DeAndre for example. But yeah, his best fit are indeed punt pts and/or assisst teams.
  16. If you can get Fultz with that 3rd pick I think you did fine. But yeah it's a 50-50 trade, both parties did well.
  17. I'd drop Jaylen Brown. If you're high on him then Collins. Both of them could proove to be very useful but you'll probably be able to take one of the two later in the season since they won't produce so much early in the season.
  18. If you're overloaded in steals and threes then yeah, I'd pull the trigger. Otherwise I'd stay put, Covington is going to be sick this season and there's an injury risk with Nurk.
  19. Agree with larfboy. Long term Fultz might be better but DSJ will have an immediate impact and could be a beast in the future as well.
  20. Although Swanigan's upside is appealing I'd still take Wilson Chandler. Swanigan has the opportunity to get nice minutes and even to start but we don't know if it's gonna stay that way once Vonleh is back.
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