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  1. Well, since you're punting assist you're already really strong in turnovers and I think Schroder won't make too much damage here. I mean, if you're punting asisst you don't need Schroder nor do you need Lowry but yeah, I'd still probably take this trade. Who do you have on the waiver wire to take if you give 2 for 1?
  2. I would take Powell. Mudiay coud maybe bring more counting stats but he hurts elswhere so frickin much. Low % and high turnovers, I'd take Norm who could flourish in that 6th man role with an opportunity to get the starting spot.
  3. Stay put. Those two are far from the value the stifle tower offers.
  4. Stay put, Draymond is just overall better and you could use the stats that he provides.
  5. Agreedo, Conley and Butler side wins by a landslide.
  6. Agree with rotojoe. Kuzma maybe has more upside but this year Lakers' team is too crowded. Take Swanigan
  7. I like both Favors and IT honestly. I mean it is risky but you can't win your league playing it 100% safe. You maybe overreached for WCS but otherwise i really like your team. It could be turned into a beautiful punt asisst team by trading IT and Lowry, maybe even Collison.
  8. I would swap him for any of these players but Willly, unless one of the Knicks' bigmen gets traded. Gortat won't be near as good as last season as long as Mahinmi is healthy. Swap him for JV if you want to keep numbers similar to Gortat's. MW would be my choice but it seems you're already doing good in 3s and steals and you're probably punting ft with the stifle tower and DeAndre on your team so you probably don't need him. However if you're looking for upside I'd definitely take Mirotic.
  9. I'm also interested in Stanley Johnson and Doug McDermott. SJ seems to have an open path to the starting 5 but his percentages scare me. Likewise, Doug McDermott should see more minutes in NY, but he hardly contributes in any category besides 3s (good ft% and low turnovers also don't hurt). Justin Holiday should have some fantasy value in deeper leagues whereas I don't see Zipser having much value at all. How would you rank these players: Stanley Johnson, Doug McDermott, Kelly Oubre, Ish Smith, Bogdan Bogdanovic, Caleb Swanigan, Kyle Korver and Wayne Selden? These are all interesting
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