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  1. 1 spot left. I will be at my computer sporadically tonight. The first 10 to pay are in. You can leave your email here and wait for an invite if you want, but first 10 paid on leaguesafe are in, so just follow the payment link and pay if you want to guarantee your spot.
  2. I'll be away from my computer until 7:30 so if you want to guarantee a spot pay on leaguesafe.
  3. Yep that's fine. All you have to do is follow that link and it'll prompt you to pay in. Leave your email here and I'll invite you to the ESPN league.
  4. I have them later in the day (EST wise) to accommodate people on the west coast. Also busy until Saturday night myself.
  5. Auction at 9:00pm EST. Here are the details: 1 QB 1 SUPERFLEX 2 RB 3 WR TE 1 WR/TE 2 FLEX 8 BN 1 IR Payouts: 1. $240 2. $120 3. $70 reg season total points: $70 Auction budget: 250 The 4 seed in the playoffs will be the non-qualified team with the most total points, NOT the team with the 4th best record. So play your best team every week and you never know! (You're never mathematically eliminated until the very end) 4 Teams will make the playoffs; week 13-14 semifinals and week 15-16 finals
  6. Sorry about that TCoom - yep we are full. 10 have already paid on leaguesafe. We always fill fast here so gotta pay right away if you want in. I'm running one more of these Saturday Night at a similar time, I'll be sure to invite you to that one too
  7. I'm back at my PC. I'm going to go thru leagesafe and invite all the paid owners on ESPN. As of now we have ONE spot left.
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