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  1. Reality is what you make of it. We will see what reality Morris, Rod and DMC can make behind that Absurdly good O-line.
  2. Or just youtube ravens the nfl highlight one has it also.
  3. Giselle for where he was drafted & being a NE RB.. not really worth the biggest bust category.
  4. What RB1s/WR1s would you take for him in Standard? was Offered A.J. or Evans for him straight up. Also Gronk and something something.
  5. If you gonna play him this is the week...
  6. Gordon over Dez ez this year (if Gordon is healthy) Dez's schedule vs CB1 is terrible
  7. I can't see Hunt keeping his current value after this week. (Pats D was straight trash - Week 1 is as random as it gets) I agree on waiting as long as possible or atleast till midnight on Monday and take the best Offer or go straight up for a Top RB or WR
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