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  1. Yea, I don't see the Pats losing that division. Ain't going to lie, i expect Hogan to just slide right into the Eldeman role. They made "capturing lightning in a bottle" look easy with the shift from Welker to Eldeman.
  2. The only thing that wasn't out of the ordinary of that game was Danny Amendola getting injured. That man is Mr. Consistent.
  3. Brady didn't look great, but all the holes in the defense was more surprising for me. Not a Pats fan, but respect (jealous) of how that team has been able to play "next man up" on defense and look stout. Just wasn't there tonight.
  4. Ginn is intriguing purely because of the tease of being a duel threat of returns and catches from Brees (he'll be running Brandin Cooks routes but without the hands). I wouldn't be that excited that he'll put up stellar return numbers. He'll be switching from a non-dome to home dome stadium, so touchback % will be a concern. He is moving within the same division (with kickers with good touchback %). I think you can expect his return yards last year to be his baseline/ceiling for this year. Solid sleeper picks for return yards are slim, but here is my list: Offensive pos
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