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  1. Thanks for the help with mine earlier. I would play Gallman instead of Gaskin and Trubisky against the Lions. I think any offensive player against the Lions right now is a solid fantasy bet (even with Montgomery playing for you too). Gallman has shown a decent steady floor since taking over the lead role.
  2. Thanks for the help with mine earlier. Go with Lamb if only for the targets he gets every game.
  3. Full point PPR. I thankfully have other viable RB options than Zeke this week (starting Chubb and Booker as RB1 and RB2 with Connor and RoJo on my bench not playing). Zeke has just been a disaster with the fumbles, no Dak, decimated O Line in front of him, and his matchup Tuesday is awful. Dobbins is unproven but is probably the lead back against a team that has trouble against the run. Who do you start here? WHIR
  4. Im sitting Zeke myself in favor of someone else. Booker is going to get the carries and he has a far better matchup than Zeke.
  5. Storms in the area with lightning and hail. Kickoff delayed at least 30 minutes.
  6. Lamar, because you know what he can do on the ground. Help with mine?
  7. Duke by a mile in this situation. He's going to get the carries, and the weather in cleveland is not going to be good for passing. (full disclosure, I'm starting Duke, too) Help with mine?
  8. Goedert. Not sure how Hock's injury is going to limit him or not. Dallas set to split carries, but I like him more than Williams. Help with mine?
  9. Sit Gibson. Not because his matchup is terrible by any means, but the other two have much better matchups/situations. Help with mine?
  10. Duke by a mile if Drake plays. Too bad the game time decision on Drake won't be til after the Houston/Cleveland game. I actually have Chase Edmonds on my team and I am still holding on to him. He still has some standalone value as a flex if Drake is playing. Help with mine?
  11. Dobbins. Dobbins is in a committee and honestly, I wouldn't drop anyone else on your team. Help with mine?
  12. It changes everything. Me personally I don't like starting multiple guys from the same team, especially a guy like Agholor which you'd be taking a flyer on anyways. I'd say in that case go with Fitz. He's bound to get at least a handful of targets.
  13. If you're playing a WR at flex, then sit Boyd. Pittsburgh's D is really tough. The other three have solid matchups that you just can't sit any of them in that situation. If you decide to start Gallman at flex, I'd say you should do WR1 and WR2 Lockett and Chark. Help with mine?
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