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  1. Non contact. Caught ball going towards sideline, popped inner thigh as he was turning... game himself up before defender got to him and ran out
  2. The guy doesn’t even celebrate. Man on a mission.
  3. Looks like coaches saw the same thing and actually acted on it!
  4. Everybody every year forgets what happened down the stretch. With the rams, they couldn't block for ****, had more success with more tight ends, higbee emerged, kupp took a back seat.
  5. Depending on your league settings you can put in a bid of $0. We did this because our adult friends no longer wanted to stay up past 1 am to add the waiver leftovers... and it makes A LOT of sense.
  6. Carr's only issue is not throwing it deep. Hesitated big time early when Waller was wide open deep and ate a sack sandwich instead.
  7. That's the problem. Too many on this sub react to signs, smoke and witch doctor tarot cards.
  8. 2 games vs LAC in 2019 Mahomes only threw 1 TD each game.
  9. The first hard run I saw I said holy **** that guy is a beast. it was dobbins
  10. Dion Lewis or Khari Blasgame? Blasgame caught 2 passes for 47 yards 2 weeks ago and 1 pass for 0 yards last week. He is 6' 233 lbs. News from ESPN seems to imply that he's got the leg up on Dion Lewis.. but Lewis has still been ending up with more touches by far. "Blasingame notably worked ahead of Dion Lewis, recording the first of his two receptions on the team's opening drive. While he didn't manage another reception until the third quarter, he broke off big gains of 24 and 23 yards respectively. " "Lewis managed nearly all of his production in garbage time, as he had on
  11. Worst game of the season for Hopkins against the worst pass defense in the league on championship week .Gg boys
  12. When you say "he's not playing"... which rb are you referring to? Also just adding that on 12/9... rotoworld posted: "Mattison said he'll be ready to go for Sunday against the Chargers, but the rookie will need to get in a limited practice this week to assure that happens. " Of course we later saw that Mattison never practiced and was eventually ruled out but I personally think signs pointing to it not being a serious injury and that Mattison plays and wins me a cup.
  13. Just watched the play and cook could barely walk straight... with his SHOULDER injury. That’s how bad it was. My unprofessional medical opinion is that he’s out next week.
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