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  1. Need to pick my flex for 1 point ppr. They're all pretty much slot receivers with similar production and rankings. Boyd - best match-up Cooks - safe floor Beasley - up and down production Landry - toughest match-up imo Tell me who and why you'd start them. Thanks
  2. Did anyone notice something happened with waivers on nfl.com platform last night? Some people's waivers were processed last night, but the rest are all still listed as waivers and not fa's as per normal after waivers process? I'm fairly certain waivers weren't going to be processed until Dec 4th. Could be wrong.
  3. I think you should have made that rule before the season. That's a bush league move to change rules mid year. Just my opinion though.
  4. Hi all, Just a heads up if you use the ESPN app for fantasy. Hill is listed as a tight end but will be the Saints starting qb. Basically you'll have Hill playing qb while being listed as a te. Other than your league mates being upset it's a no brainer in my opinion. Very weasley too which is my favorite part.
  5. I'd do the Julio, Robinson, Conner, McLaurin offer. You're losing a lot of depth. High risk, high reward!!! I like it
  6. 1. Going with Tannehill, only because I think Pitts is going to be up early. 2. I'd rank them Moss, Chark, Taylor.
  7. Teams Qb Brady, Roethlisberger Rb Jacobs, Sanders, J Jackson, Swift Wr Allen, Thielen, Godwin, AB, Cooper Te Fant, Hockenson Qb Watson, Bridewater Rb Henry, Gordon, Rojo, Drake, Breida Wr AJ Brown, Shephard, Miller, Hardman Te Hurst
  8. I think it's basically a straight up trade, depending on whose schedule you like ros. Personally I like Carson, no way any team stacks the box vs Seattle and Russell at qb.
  9. Who won the trade? 12 team ppr league Team A gives Josh Jacobs and Amari Cooper Team B gets Derrick Henry Who wins this one?
  10. Gotta go with Thielen, he's up for $250k bonus with a few more catches this year. From another site. With two games left, Thielen is seven catches away from earning another $250,000 for 90 receptions. That would have given him an extra $1 million in earned incentives this season.
  11. Have a solid start with Bell, Gurley and Zeke in flex. Need 2 from: Evans, Demaryius Thomas, Cooks, Josh Gordon? Thinking Evans then DT (with osweiller were his best weeks this season, Sanders being out) then Cooks (scares me with the 4 points he put up last time vs Buf) and Gordon is how I'd rank them. Whadya think?
  12. Going to say Keenum and Winston. Keenum's game means something and I think Winston in a better match up.
  13. 12 team ppr with IDP QB Captain Kirk or famous Jameis RB Bell RB Gurley Flex Zeke Wr Evans Wr ?? Cooks, Adams, Gordon, D Thomas TE Walker K Lutz Def Steelers IDP Chandler Jones Bench Latavius Murray, Dion Lewis and the WR's that I don't play.
  14. Going to say Thomas for the safe floor and Gordon can win the week for you.
  15. The rest of my lineup is set just need to pick one of the three. 1 Pt ppr. Demaryius Thomas vs Indy Mike under producing Evans vs Atl Josh Gordon vs Balt
  16. Have to choose between the following: Dion Lewis - should be a good game script. Davante Adams - should be behind and have to throw it. 2 db's out for Pittsburgh. Demaryius Thomas - new QB good match-up. Who do you like.
  17. This trade just went through in our league, it's about as close as I've come to voting to a trade in the last five years. 3-6 team gets Fournette, 4-5 team gets Allen. The 4-5 team now has to trot out the following rb's: Hyde, Mixon or Duke Johnson Am I just being bitter I didn’t think to make a low ball offer for Fournette or vetoable trade?
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