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  1. Drafting soon. Sign up now. https://bestfantasyfootballleague.com/members/publicleagues.php
  2. someone start it up. seems like enough interest on several threads. kevinbull44@gmail.com
  3. League is created. 10 p.m. Eastern today (September 18). https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/1299781 This is a Cash League with a total prize pool of $420.00 and you have not paid your entry fee of $30.00. The contest rules are below. If the commissioner changes the contest rules prior to the league draft, your entry fee will be refunded and you will need to agree to the updated contest rules and pay the new entry fee. Contest Rules Offense League Value Yahoo Default Value Passing
  4. Anyone interested in an auction draft? I am game. Flexible on draft times. Entry fee of at least $50. Otherwise flexible on league type and scoring. Redraft and no IDP. Let me know. kevinbull44@gmail.com
  5. I'd be interested in future money league. no dynasty, though. kevinbull44@gmail.com
  6. Interested as well. kevinbull44@gmail.com
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