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  1. No risk it no biscuit.... If you have big balls you're holding out for the Boone show baby! WOO!!!!
  2. I like Drake and Jones out of these options as well
  3. I'd say play the hot hand with Miller although I'd be terrified of riding on the arm of Trubisky.
  4. Washington Should get a ton of volume. Saints defense is going to eat Lewis up.
  5. There's no way I'm giving the reigns of one of my championship roster slots to Mitch Trubisky. Chark and Gordon
  6. Freeman Atlanta should roll Jacksonville
  7. Washington and Boone I'm going RB heavy in the finals myself. I don't want my championship to ride on the arms of Mitchell Trubisky and Dwayne Haskins.
  8. Chubb Guy is too consistent to bench and he put up 165 yards and 3 TDs on Baltimore already this year.
  9. Mike Boone isn't relying on Andy Dalton to pass him the ball....
  10. PICK 3 M. Mack M. Boone M. Gordon A. Jones K. Drake D. Washington
  11. Agreed. Too early to see how they use AB in NE, but the ball is always spread around in that offense. Also been keeping in mind how NE used Gordon sparingly when he first landed with the team. I would stay put for now.
  12. So Tom Brady possibly becomes fantasy relevant this year and is currently sitting on my wire with Winston in my lineup. Pickup Brady? Drop who?? 12 Team - 2 Flex QB Jameis Winston WR Michael Thomas, Stefon Diggs, Tyler Boyd, Sammy Watkins, Tyrell Williams RB James Conner, Kerryon Johnson, Mark Ingram II, James White, Latavius Murray, LeSean McCoy TE Vance McDonald Kicker Robbie Gould Defense Minnesota Vikings WHIR!
  13. To all those thinking about starting the Bears think back to Green Bay's 1985 Sunday night game against Chicago when the Bears held Green Bay to 7 points. Another Sunday night game at Green Bay. Just sayin...
  14. I'd stay put as well. Cousins should look good against the Giants, and I'm banking on he and Crowder to have a great game together this week myself. I like Mahomes's prospects this week as well, but I still rank him behind Kirk. The last time Oakland and LA met, Hayward shadowed Amari Cooper for most of the game, letting Crabtree haul in several catches and a score. I think we've all seen that if anyone is going to catch the ball in Oakland this year, it's going to be Crabtree. Again, I believe Washington will have a good game against the Giants and I expect the Redskins D/ST to follow suit a
  15. I'm on the Tyrod Taylor bandwagon this week as the Bills head into Miami with their eyes set on a win to make the playoffs. I also believe that Bortles will exit the game Sunday early, and the Jags will rely on Fournette and Yeldon splitting a majority of touches until Fournette is inevitably pulled as well.
  16. There's a high probability that Fournette gets pulled from the Jaguar's meaningless clash with the Titans Sunday. He is not 100% and I question Doug Marrone's call to let him suit up this week. Joe Mixon, if healthy, may get some action against Baltimore this weekend, but I wouldn't get too excited as he and Bernard will presumably be splitting snaps in a time share. For me, this leaves T.Y. Hilton as my go-to flier this week against a struggling Houston defense that has given up 5 TDs to WRs in the past 2 games.
  17. QB I feel like both of these games in the cold are going to be run-heavy. If that's the case, Elliott will be a chain-moving monster while I don't see West being as effective. Look for more passing down situations involving Mahomes, who will be on the field quite a bit showcasing his talent heading into next season against a team who just can't move the ball on offense long enough to keep the defense rested. FLEX The Falcons have given up 5 TDs to WRs over the past 3 games, and now they're up against a Panthers team playing with a little extra "umph" in an attempt to secu
  18. After getting #Gurlied last week, I'm down by 42. It's been a tough season due to injuries and a popular suspension, but I've made it this far so I'm not giving up! I'm looking for any and all advice on even the least important choices (D/ST, K) from anyone out there that's still reading this forum. It's gonna be a tough week so I need to make every position count! League Type: PPR (2-Round Playoff Games) Starters QB - Drew Brees RB - Ezekiel Elliott RB - Kenyan Drake WR - Jarvis Landry WR - Adam Thielen TE - Antonio Gates FLEX - Jamis
  19. It goes without saying at this point, but sit Drake.
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