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  1. This may be the dumbest thing I'll ever say, but I'm all aboard the Popemobile. I think the team had to like the way he looked in his last healthy game and they will continue to use him. Herbert doesn't ignore RBs in the passing game, so I think there is a solid floor even if he doesn't hit end zone paydirt.
  2. I've been having this discussion with myself for weeks. I think both are top 8 plays ROS, but I lean slightly towards Hooper since his production was on the way up before the OBJ injury. Make no mistake, it's a run first offense, but I think he'll see 5-10 targets a week and teams will stack the box in the red zone which should lead to some easy scores. As for Goedert, we don't know what the emergence of Fulgham will do to his target share, which doesn't even account for Ertz's return. I think he'll be solid, but I'm not expecting many of the Week 1 boom type weeks that he is fully capabl
  3. Gio has been good every time Mixon misses time, I think he is a set and forget type player until Mixon is back.
  4. 8 team PPR league QB: Matt Ryan/stream RB: Cook, Jacobs, JRob, Gurley, Raheem Mostert, RoJo, Mike Davis WR: Terry Mac, Boyd, Cooper, AB, Justin Jefferson, Tee Higgins, Cooks TE: Hock, Hooper Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX
  5. I have quite a few solid options if I don't start Hasty tomorrow. DeAndre Swift and Jonathan Taylor being the 2 most likely if Michael Thomas sits. My starting WRs are Julio and ARob with good matchups, so they are set. 10 team .5 PPR for reference
  6. I apologize if you took my advice. It definitely appears that Deejay was the starter over Homer.
  7. I think so. Seattle's backfield has value, they like their RBs and Hyde/Carson seem to be trending towards out.
  8. Higgins. That connection with Baker looked good last week, I'd roll with it.
  9. I'd go with LAC. Denver seems very turnover prone and the LAC pass rush should help them keep that trend going.
  10. I'd go with Gallman, despite that terrible matchup, because of potential PPR work. Travis Homer is good to go, so I don't think Dallas gets the bulk of the work. Not sure who to trust between Gus Bus and Dobbins for Baltimore vs. a tough defense. Is Travis Homer available? I think I like him over the other options this week.
  11. With your WR corps, I think it is worth the risk. I just don't think Kupp is going to be a safe start this year.
  12. This may be the only week I say this, but I'd go with Agholor. I'm just not confident starting any Cowboys receivers this weekend with the QB situation.
  13. Bumping mine since I answered a bunch of the ones above me.
  14. Boston Scott over Le'Veon Bell as weird as that sounds.
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