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  1. I had it my hip before. Got a cortisone shot and was good to go in a few days. Wouldn't say it's anything to really worry about unless we hear otherwise. In most cases it can be treated fairly easily.
  2. In all seriousness this dude has turned into a fantasy stud. Own him on all 3 of my dynasty squads and couldn't be happier. It's pretty ridiculous to shoot 51% from the floor while taking over 8 triples a game. Straight up ballin.
  3. But he missed a few FT's the 2 games prior man....let's focus on that. Not the 27/5/5 with 51/86 percentages on the season and over 3 triples a game. He missed FT's bro...never forget.
  4. Lol so what he misses a few over the course of 2 games after making like 27 in a row. It happens man...nothing is going on.
  5. I didn’t even say anything in my post dude all I did was post the correct stats. But for some reason you took that as an invite to come hard with td regression...which I am aware of, but thanks. One thing is though you said DK should be a stud even with td regression. So I guess half a target per game more, 0.1 more receptions, and 4.7 more yards moves the needle drastically for you. Seems like you have a bias as it’s clear there isn’t much difference here. I’m done.
  6. We get it you don’t like him...he was still wr12 in ppr despite missing 2 games. I was simply correcting the guy citing the wrong stats.
  7. You failed to include this game in his 14 games. He went 70/1075/11.
  8. Interested as well. Contact me when you start it up. Thanks.
  9. This team would be better served to start moving away form him as a starter and take some minutes away. Sorry, but he just can't shoot (his shot selection doesn't help) and he's undersized. Also going to be 26 in a couple months so it's not like he's some young dude with upside. But, this is the Hornets...not known making the smartest decisions. As far as fantasy is concerned don't see a real issue moving on if you want. Whether that is dropping or in a trade that depends on league and team set up.
  10. Hayes needs to pack on some weight. He gets bodied on the regular and struggles on D. Don’t see a path to much atm.
  11. Maybe he was but he made the statement in regards to people saying he can’t shoot. Right 46% is nice for a guard, generally speaking, my main point was that doesn’t mean he can shoot.
  12. 46% with a lack of 3’s is nothing to write home about. He lacks the ability to make jumpers on a consistent basis and has yet to show what is considered NBA range. There is a reason they have offensive struggles as it lacks spacing. Can’t run him Derozan out there and expect it to really work all that well. Don’t get FG% confused with being able to shoot. For example Westbrook was at 47% last year (42% the year before) and that was largely because he stopped shooting so many 3’s/long jumpers and got closer to basket.
  13. Snagged him at 75 in 8-cat roto dynasty start up. Love getting those points and percentages that late in the draft and has some room for improvement.
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