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  1. I am currently looking for owners to take over two teams in a 16-team H2H dynasty basketball league with the following features: - H2H, 8-CAT, 12 Starters, 12 Bench (max) - FanTrax - $50 (Relegation Division); $100 (Champions Division) - However, both teams have their 2022 entry fees paid for, so you'll only owe the 2023 league fee (which will be due in the off-season prior to the Rookie Draft) - Relegation/Promotion aspect (Champions Division - 8 teams, Relegation Division - 8 teams). The regular season champ and playoff champ of Relegation Division get promoted the next seaso
  2. Roto Dynasty (6x6) Seeking THREE Owners I'm the commissioner of a 16-team ROTO dynasty entering its third season, and I'm looking for three replacement owners to participate in a dispersal draft of the 75 players, 36 Minor Leaguers, and 6 draft picks that are currently on the rosters of the three owners we are seeking to replace. The dispersal draft will be serpentine, so the GM picking #3 in RD1, would then pick #1 in RD2, and so on down the line. General league information and some detail on the players available are listed below. ------------------------------------------ Bas
  3. Hey Tom. I've got a league I'm getting started up this year with a solid group of guys who do a lot of my hoops leagues. We're looking to fill the last 2-3 spots. Information is in the post below. PM me if you have any interest and we can chat more.
  4. I've got 2-3 spots left in the league below. Sounds like it might be what you're looking for. PM me your email address and I can send you more information, including the league rules and more information on the format.
  5. Draft format will have two parts. (1) Hybrid Rookie Draft. This will cover all players from the 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 draft classes. These players will be added to your cap sheet on their existing rookie deals. For dynasty salary leagues, these assets are the most valuable, so we're starting team building with them. Draft will be a slow draft, 10 rounds (160 players), serpentine. (2) Free Agency Auction. We'll do bidding for the remaining players in the pool. The winning bid will convert into the new salary, so an 80M bid on Kemba becomes a 4YR-20M deal. We'll start with larger
  6. Fantasy Hoops Dueling Society (2-3 Spots Left) I'm looking for 2-3 owners to fill the last spots in a 16-team dynasty league. I'm looking for serious players to try out a new H2H format, and augment the 8-10 core guys that do a lot of my leagues. - 16-Team, 8-CAT, H2H, Full Dynasty - 24-man rosters (12 starters, 12 bench) - Salary Cap + Contracts - Starting Year 2, we'll have two divisions of 8-teams (Champions - Top 8 from Year 1; Relegation - Bottom 8 from Year 1). - At the end of Year 2, two teams from the Relegation Division will be promoted at year-e
  7. TWO OWNERS WANTED FOR ORPHANED DYNASTY HOOPS TEAMS (Mini-Draft) We have two orphaned teams in my 16-team dynasty basketball league that I run. Rather than make one owner take over each team, we’re looking for two owners to participate in a mini-two-team draft of the 44 players on the orphaned team rosters. One team is loaded with young talent, while the other team has lots of veterans, so combining the talent pool should give each new owner a chance to build a team according to their specifications. The league is extremely active, and we have a very lively/entertaining GroupChat.
  8. Evening. We actually just filled today. We'll be starting the slow draft an hour after everyone pays. I'm giving everyone until Monday morning to pay in full,or I can open up their spot. I can put you on the callback list if you want?
  9. No problem Tim. You know, you could just set your entire lineup for the week on Mondays like I do I just like the flexibility to change things if needed. I still treat it like a weekly lineup.
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