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  1. I assume with the Saints starting Taysom when competing for a top seed in the playoffs, that the team feels he is the better QB now. So right now, one should assume Hill has the edge in? Saints head coach Sean Payton said Jameis Winston would get a chance to be the team's starting quarterback after Drew Brees retires. It's widely expected this will be Brees' final season, which could end with him sidelined with broken ribs. Payton said Winston, along with Taysom Hill, is "going to have that opportunity (to start in New Orleans) the minute Drew leaves."
  2. You can only do it twice and then not protect the player any more. Texans not serious in him playing these games? Because he is either not protected now or won't be next time the team does this.
  3. I am wondering if Allen could get an interception tacked on to his numbers. Is there much chance the NFL will change it, or can it change it since the call was a fumble? From time time sacks and stuff get changed. Does the NFL ever change things like this?
  4. 12 catches on 14 targets. I assume if he keeps that up, he will be Watson safety valve.
  5. Did Gesicki come back out after the injury? I saw some Twitter posts that indicated that he did but those posts did not specifically state that he did. It was a few posts stating things such as "great heart to come back" etc. in reference to him. Did he come back to play?
  6. I put him in flex. I assume 4 catches for 50 yards is his floor, and ceiling is high as any WR.
  7. Games this week is forecasted as cold, rain and high winds. Is Allen a cannot start?
  8. Interesting article from Jets fan site about Hansen after rookie year: https://www.ganggreennation.com/2018/2/19/17027390/were-the-scouting-reports-right-chad-hansen-new-york-jets
  9. The Forty Niners did it with Hasty earlier in the year.
  10. Good Dynasty prospect if room. His strength is ball tracking. He will probably force defenses to be honest, so unless a deficiency or better options, he might get a fairshare of playing time but not that many targets. My guess for his upside: Might develop into a 2 to 5 targets a game with a high yards per catch average who could get 8 to 10 TDs a season with Josh Allen and hos explosive the Bills offense is becoming. Ceiling would be a WR2 in PPR and borderline WR1 in standard. If he was able to play more of a route tree, he could be one of the top WR in any format. Floor is being a not
  11. Seem fairly equal except Snell probably has a higher floor? Which? I am starting Ravens defense so Cooper would mitigate them if he blew-up.
  12. Tua being the future QB and 11 targets = good future for Gesicki
  13. Thanks. How many games have been called. Only the Ravens Steelers game earlier in season? What is protectal on testing - everyday? What is last day the Ravens or Cowboys would be tested prior to the game?
  14. Any risk to Cowboys-Ravens game? I have a must win game this week and would like to start Ravens at D and Amari Cooper at Flex but concerned about risk of canceled game. I find no news on either time. What is the day of testing that would make the game safe? Risk to this Tuesday game?
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