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  1. Good guy to have in your lineups this week imo. The fact he got 12 targets last week means more to me then the 5/175/2 he put up on the Texans in there last meeting this year. First time this season he broke 10 targets.
  2. I'd say if you had the lead you should do this. The Packers have been good against TE this year though, and the Chargers are playing a big game and playing against the Raiders. And Gates was plenty active after HH went down. Tough call but I'd stay put with Gates. I'd stay put with NE def as well. If you decide to look elsewhere for a kicker Vinatieri has a good matchup in a dome. Nothing really wrong with Gould's matchup though (I've got him going in my league), just the Texans Colts seems more likely to be a slop-fest then 49ers Rams.
  3. What matchups would you be sitting DJ in next year? To be certain, I still have a lot of work to do on my SOS projections, and I wasn't saying people shouldn't be high on Gurley next year, I simply posted what a tough schedule he has next year. Bell also has an easier SOS. Blasphemy, I know.
  4. A point, sir. Do you have any? SOS will continue to evolve over the offseason up until the day of our FF draft. If I have two people graded similarly I will take the person with the easier SOS.
  5. Besides the Packers the Rams may have the hardest rushing schedule next year (based on 2017 results). They get the #1 Eagles x1, #2 Vikings x1, #4 Cards x2, #6 Panthers x1, #7 Browns x1, #8 Falcons x1, and #10 Steelers x1. DJ and the Cards get a lot of the same matchups but they swap out #1 Eagles -> #29 Redskins, #2 Vikings -> #20 GB, and #4 Cards x2 -> #25 Rams x2. Eagles look to have the easiest rushing SOS in 2018.
  6. If Reid says he is going to rest Smith, Hill, and Kelce I'll be looking at Mahomes/Robinson stack in dfs and in my redraft I'll give Demarcus Robinson some thought. Mahomes and Robinson had a good preseason game this year. His tenure at PHI suggests he'll be resting players.
  7. I hope the hype isn't to high next year! I'd like to have him back on the roster at the same time though I'd like to have him as my wr 4/5 (wr 40-50).
  8. Just to add to the above-- if the Steelers lose either Monday or in the noon game next Sunday the Pats will have locked into the #1 seed. The Chargers and Seahawks could both be eliminated from contention before their afternoon games kick off... it's unlikely the starters would get rested for those teams but they may be coming into their games disappointed. If the Falcons top the Panthers and the Bucs top the Saints the Rams would have the 3rd seed locked down before their kickoff.
  9. Stafford throwing to Tate in the slot has a qbr of 117+, Bengals giving up a 104 qbr on throws to the slot receiver. I've got Tate in this week over DT. If Ebron wasn't eating so much it would have been an easier decision for me. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-nfl-week-16-preview-lions-at-bengals
  10. Assuming the Jags, Pats, Steelers, and KC win this weekend KC will have their playoff seed set prior to the week 17 games.
  11. The last press conference I saw where coach Murlarkey addressed the difference in the production between the two backs he blamed it on blocking performance (I have no clue if he is correct or not). They play in a divison where at the start of the year the QB's were Bortles, Tolzien, and Savage. They have Marriota, Davis, Decker, Mathews, a couple good backs, and Adoree Jackson who was supposed to (and has) make some plays on ST and D. Not long ago it looked like they were going to win the AFC south which they probably should have but at this point it looks unlikely that they'll make it in a
  12. Just his inexperience and how tough a defense the Jags are. And the Jags can take better advantage of how poor SF's D is too with Fournette. It could be a dominating shutout imo, but at the same time Gould and even Jimmy G could have a good game.
  13. Ufff. I'd nuke Chicago from the list. Brissett gives out sacks like Oprah gives out cars... he's decent about not turning it over but he throws picks and gives up fumbles on sacks from time to time. Chargers are a great option too, though.
  14. The 49ers just faced the Bears, Texans, and Titans and they had success but I wouldn't expect this offense to move the ball so easily on the Jags. For me it becomes a matter of 'will they get in range to kick FGs?' VS what was for these last few games 'will Jimmy G manage to convert drives into TDs?'. I'd rather role with a team that I'm worried about being overly efficient then one potentially struggling to get into range. I picked him up planning to sit him against the Jags and I'm gonna stick with that and role out Jake Elliott.
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